How to Import EML Files into Like An Expert/ Pro

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You are here because you have EML files in batch & you want to import into, but you don’t know how to import EML files into Relax, take a deep breath! we are here to solve all your problems related to migration EML emails to

This is not a difficult task if you know the exact solution. We know EML & both are different. EML file is created & used by multiple desktop based email clients and is a cloud-based platform (Webmail). So, you have to understand, there is no direct solution to export EML messages to, but it doesn’t mean that task is impossible. You have to go through the alternate solution to perform this migration. In this upcoming section, we will explain how can you perform this task.

How to Import EML Files into

Before proceeding to the solution of migrating EML to, take a look users queries which were asked on forums.

Query 1 –

Is there any way to migrate .eml emails to

I have using Zimbra webmail and now, I want to switch to I don’t know I am able or not to import my previous emails to Zimbra allows me to export emails in a .tgz file which contains .eml files. Is there any way to export these EML messages into

In this scenario, the user wants to switch from Zimbra to, but he wants to import Zimbra emails into which is stored in EML file.

Query 2 –

How to put .eml files into

I am a Windows Live Mail user & I have EML files in a batch in my local machine. Now, I want all these emails in my account. I have already tried to sync with Windows Live Mail. After synchronization Windows Live Mail with, I have created a folder in Windows Live Mail & put all emails, but I can not see any emails in So I want a solution to import EML to

In this scenario, the user tried to sync Windows Live Mail with to get Windows Live Mail emails into But failed to perform this task. Due to which users are looking for an alternative solution to import Windows Live Mail EML files into

Every user wants to switch on with their old emails which are stored in .eml extension. But don’t know how to import or migrate EML to

Unavailability of the direct manual method to export EML emails to, you need to opt DataHelp EML to Office 365 wizard. By using this tool you can import EML to Office 365 account easily. Moreover, it supports all EML compatible email client & exports their EML files to It allows you to import entire EML emails into with their attachments.

Before proceeding to Working Steps, you need to download the software –

Tool Steps to Import EML Files to

  1. After downloading the software, install & Run the tool.
  2. Now, select EML files which you want to migrate into, and click on the Convert button.
  3. Enter user ID & Password. It also provides Filter option. Click on Login button.
  4. Now, Software starts importing EML emails into
  5. Export process successfully completed.
  6. Now, you have to login into your account to access EML data into

This software simplifies the whole migration process of EML to Download this software to easily import EML messages into without knowing backend complicated process.

At The End

We would like to suggest, don’t waste your time to search a manual method to migrate or export EML email messages into Because, there is no direct manual solution is available to import EML to This task is only possible with the suggested migration tool. Download this tool & perform the migration task easily.