What is DXL File Format — Domino XML Language

DXL Specifications

Developer IBM
File Type Database File(s)
MIME file type Unspecified
Format Lotus Domino XML Format
File Signature Unspecified
Operating Systems Mac OS X, MS Windows, and Linux

XML's or the Extensible Markup Language’s specific version is basically called the DXL file format or the Lotus Domino XML file format for any of the Domino’s data. This is actually the file extension for Lotus Domino XML file, which is mostly being used for determining the data that is contained inside the Domino database and also the database’s structure as well. Lotus Domino is actually a type of the server run program which is for the groupware application; and to add to this knowledge, Lotus Notes is also used by numerous businesses across the world. DTD or the Domino Document Type for Lotus Domino is mostly put to use for describing the DXL structure.

DXL Overview

The DXL file format for Lotus Domino XML language is also being used for describing the Domino-specific designs as well as the data elements like documents, views & forms. This works as a basis for the import & export of the XML data representation to & from any Domino application. Using this particular DXL file extension (for the Lotus Domino XML Language), you can easily add your structural components as well as your data to this database using XML.

Full Form of DXL File

DXL is the abbreviated form of Domino Extensible Language, which is basically an XML’s adaptation.

DTD Elements

DTD is usually put to use for describing the structure of DXL file extension. So, the elements as well as the entities, which can be used for creating Domino DTD, are specified as under:

The Core Entities: The core entities for DTD, which can be utilized for working as the data type categories, include float, hex, binary, boolean, integer, unid and notesid.

The Common Entities: The common entities for DTD are those types of DTD entities, which can be utilized as reference in some other entities/elements. These include length, pixel, color, acl.levels as well as the image.formats.

Uses of Domino XML Language

  • DXL is put to use for representing the Lotus Domino XML design elements.
  • DXL framework mainly helps in simplifying IBM Lotus Notes object’s access from any of the said clients.
  • Multiple opportunities are there for accessing the IBM Lotus Domino objects from various platforms for programming purposes.
  • Using DXL framework, you can easily build your application using which, you can execute the following operations easily:
    • Using Notes view, you can easily view the Lotus Notes document's list.
    • You can select any document from that list; and then, analyze the required details of the Lotus Notes document.dxl-file-format-framework.
    • You can even try updating any of the values on any of the chosen document.
    • You can also create new documents.

Programs for Opening These DXL Files

Below mentioned are the OS-wise programs to open DXL files:

For MS Windows

  • MS Notepad
  • IBM Lotus Domino
  • MS XML Notepad
  • Domino Designer
  • Other text editors/programs

For Linux Platform

  • Domino Designer
  • Lotus Domino
  • Other text editors

For Macintosh Operating System X

  • Domino Designer


The DXL file format is actually an XML language’s adaptation sort of thing, which is chiefly put to use for the importing as well as for the exporting of this XML database over more than one platforms. Also, this would make the working with any of the XML documents very simple during any of the operations like whenever you are updating any document etc. This was initially developed by the IBM Lotus Domino for representing the Domino’s design elements in this particular XML file.