About DataHelp Team

DataHelp is an Indian based Data Recovery company and it is a Sub-Brand of SysTools Group, which has a leading role in software and services. In this digital era, data plays the most crucial role for every end user or organization. Being the electronic data, the users face major issues such as data corruption, data backup, data loss etc, which creates a sense of hopelessness among them. To ease the users, we have emerged out with an approach to easily handle precious data in a judicious manner. We provide solution for all groups of users: personal & business related arena. DataHelp works in two different units to assist the users according to their need of data solution:

Office Location That Matters

DataHelp is headquartered in Pune, the IT city of India.

New Delhi inherits an effervescent history and rich traditions. The enviable culture of 'Unity in Diversity' makes Delhi the most preferred IT hub of the country. Working With DataHelp @ Pune opens door to millions of advantages – like a chance to enjoy world-famous street foods of Delhi and if you are lucky enough, get to work with some of the world-class techies of Indian Origin..!

30500 + Satisfied Users

We are dedicated to satisfy our users need. A long list of gratified customers with products, services, and consultancy.

90 + Country

We aim to make our solution approachable across the world. Our tools are adopted by users in 90+ major countries globally.

500 + Centers

We adopt advance and right methodologies to reach our customers. More than 500 resellers across the globe connected with us.