Refund Policy

Thanks for joining us!! DataHelp is determined to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. We already mentioned all the specifications for each product. In case, you are dissatisfied with any software product purchased from DataHelp Software, you may freely contact us within 30 days of your purchase for a refund.

Read the refund policies carefully as they are the terms of sale that manage your product purchase at DataHelp, including essential terms and conditions for refund.

Guidelines for Refund —

DataHelp uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensures all the customer information of online transaction remain private and integral at the time of software purchase. All the details entered by the customer is encrypted by 128-Bit SSL to keep your credit / debit card info safe. After a cleared payment on the purchase of one of our software product, an email message sent to your email address. This email comprises authentic link of the full version of the software along with the information required to activate the licensed version.

Once this product information is emailed to you, no refund will be given, as you cannot give back the registered version of software. Although, there are some other conditions where you are eligible for the software refund within 30 days after the software purchase.

Note:- We provide Free Demo version to let you fully evaluate our products before purchasing. Thus it is suggested to take advantage of the software demo version before making any software purchase.

Refund Parameter —

We provide every possible support to our clients in every aspect. In case, if we fail to resolve the query, then the client is having rights for refund. The client can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase and it will take 15-20 days to process for further documentation.

This is a basic parameter, which is accountable to initiate the product refund;

It is mandatory to place your software order through DataHelp website

The Data Recovery Software offered by DataHelp is built with cutting-edge technology and tested to recover data from every possible corruption type. Plus, the software has a high success rate of 99.9%. Although, it might be possible that software becomes fail in few corruption cases and does not recover data appropriately. In fact, if the deleted data space overwritten by the new data in drive, also results in tool failure. In such situation, the recovered corrupted files will not be contained the entire data. You can easily analyze this thing with the Demo versions of software. It will provide you the complete preview of recoverable data items. So, try the trial software version first and get 100 % satisfaction.

We “DateHelp Software” are not responsible for Any of Instance illustrated below. In following scenarios, customer is NO LONGER eligible for a refund.

  • Misplaced or Lost email
  • We will not be held responsible for any delay in software downloading or any communication regarding concerns with on user’s end
  • Very often your email client interprets email messages as Spam sent by the company and located them in your webmail spam folder
  • Mail sent by company for software activation bounced by the mail server due to temporary issue exists with the recipient’s email address or any other reason
  • When client used the purchased software and achieve its jobs and then want refund
  • Customer purchased the wrong product mistakenly
  • Unable to execute the software on your computing platform because purchased software is not compatible with the system you are using or system does not fulfill the product pre-requisites

Refund Only Possible In Following Situations —

  • When the full version of software does not have the feature(s) that available in demo version.
  • Technical Support fails to resolve the issues of client regarding the software after purchase.
  • We are not responsible if the client miss-understood any functionality of the software written on different site as a part of promoting the DataHelp tools. To get right information, you can contact the our Support Team.
  • Software refund exclusively processed when client will send a signed “Letter of Destruction” email on company email address - within 30 days after the purchase of software. It is a written client statement says that remove the purchased product from every system where it has been configured and allows a person from the company comes for the inspection without any notice within 1 year to check whether the software resides in your system or not. If we found any evidence related to the refunded software will lead to legal action.
  • It almost takes 15-20 days to process the refund, once we received the Letter of Destruction. In case, if it is delayed more than the mentioned date, then it will be notified to the client through mode of email communication.
  • In such situation when the licensed version does not work appropriately, then we will provide you the solution for same.
  • If the full licensed version does not perform appropriately, then we will provide a solution for that. Further, if you face glitches in full version of software then, contact to support team. Our technical support team will examine your problem and provide a relevant solution for it. In case if the problem still persists, then we will refund the money dedicated to the software purchase.

Refund Is Not Applicable in Following Cases —

  • Without using the Free demo version first, if any client purchased any of our product & not satisfied with it and asking for a refund, then it will not be approved.
  • If client uses the software to get a solution for the concern for which it is not designed.
  • If the client commits the process with our software and successfully completed the 30 % process. Afterward, he/she asks for refund then, it cannot be claimed.

Acceptance of this Policy —

    It is truly your practice to have an overview of this refund policy before purchasing any product(s). It is an indication that you go through the refund policy and accept the terms written within it. Any additional questions regarding our refund policy, please feel free to contact us.

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