What is G Suite - Get All About Google Apps

Technical Overview of G-Suite

Developer Google
Development Status Active
Default User Storage 30GB
Saves Backup Data No
Offline Desktop Version Application No
Type Brand and Software
Pricing for basic $5/month
User Transition Designed to be intuitive and simple
Security and Scalability Adheres to single privacy policy
G Suite Type Google Apps for Basic and Business

What is G-Suite or Google Apps

G Suite (Google Suite) is a package of cloud computing and productivity services powered by Google. Via this service suite, users are allowed to perform common business tasks. It is a modern way of online teamwork. It offers several applications for emailing, video conferencing, document collaborations and for much more. As it is based on Google’s data centre so, all the information and updates become synchronized instantly in it. The user just needs to sign up in G Suite account and then, Google provides a required domain name to the user. After that, users are independent to use required Google services. Through a domain name, users can utilize free and subscription-based services like Gmail, Calendar, Storage Drive, Google+, Hangouts, Blogger etc.

G Suite/ Google Apps features

  • Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business
  • Connect, create, access, Control in one suite
  • 24/7 call, email support by Google Help Center
  • Data security via mobile device management
  • Trouble-free data migration tools and services
  • Advance admin control with 2-step verification
  • Web forums and shared inboxes: for business
  • Wide mail retention, document search: vault
  • Access towards computers with mobile devices
  • Enterprise certifications as well as compliance
  • API and Admin SDK for extended functionality
  • Analyze along with scan Gmail logs in BigQuery
  • Advance data loss prevention for Gmail, Drive

Editions of Google Apps

G Suite formerly has two versions: Google Apps Basic and Google apps Business. Here is the comparison chart of G Suite basic vs business:

G Suite Basic G Suite Business
Development Status Active
Default User Storage 30GB
Saves Backup Data No
Offline Desktop Version Application No
Type Brand and Software
Pricing for basic $5/month

Guidelines to Manage and Secure G Suite Account

G Suite or Google Apps users are authorized to manage their account directly via the cloud. The account managing process is very simple as adding a new user account and then activating it. However, it also offers so many additional account-controlling features for proving the full security to user’s account. Thus, in this section we will introduce users with some tips to administer and protect their G Suite account:

1. Multifactor Authentication for Phishing Phishing and weak passwords are the chief weakness when it comes to of G Suite and the multifactor is the strongest protection. We recommend U2F, TOTP and Google Prompt to secure your account from unexpected attacks.

2. Inspect Google Backup Audit Reports Users should check the data visibility report, that how their data is accessing and its location of being used. For this G Suite offers, Google Reports as a third party application that helps users to inspect all account information.

3. Enable Email Privacy Security Services Google offers its own AV Scanning for emails and it makes easy to know about phishing and other spam attempts. Stop spoofing with DMARC, SPF, and DKIM is another additional security feature for locking user’s domain.

4. Synchronize business account with Gmail For security purposes, we suggest users that log in your business account to your Gmail. Gmail IMAP is one of the fastest services to synchronize the account updates. It will instantly reflect all the changes done in your business account.

5. Allow merely trusted apps to access data Users can add the trusted devices and location to access their G Suite account data. This trick prevents user account from accidental granting and unauthorized accessing. Admin can white list the trusted devices via API Permissions option.

Major Issues of G-Suite/ Google Apps

While working with G-Suite, users might encounter some issues. Some of them are mentioned underneath:

  • Unsuited Gmail characters
  • Contradictory inside Accounts
  • Limited mails restore ability
  • Large attachment sending error

Solutions to resolve issues of G-Suite

To get over from G Suite common errors users have to follow down written techniques:

  • Update access permissions
  • Build up admin support team
  • Contact Google Support team

The Final Verdict

Inevitably, G Suite has gained a separate place in the online market among associations. Better emailing, easy collaboration and sharing, large storage, continuity, and ownership are some of the best parts to use G-Suite. All business and individual users must have the basic knowledge about this amazing application suite. Thus, for providing the general idea to users that what is G Suite basic we have written this article. This blog contains sufficient G Suite basic, its features, versions, security tips, faced issues and their solutions.