What is Apple Mail?

Technical Specifications of Mac Mail

Developer Apple Inc.
Type Email Client
Included With MacOS, iOS, WatchOS (All versions)
Default Email Location ~/Library/Mail/V2/ (this is for version 2)
First Release Included with all versions of MacOS up to and including Mac OS X Panther
Supported File Formats MBOX, EMLX

Apple Mail is the email client developed by Apple Inc. which is included with Mac OS, iOS & watch OS. The Apple Mail is just like any other email client which is used to send & receive emails., but with some additional & useful features some of which we will discuss here.


Originally NeXT was an email application of NeXTSTEP. As Apple began to adapt NeXTSTEP to become Mac OS X, there were a lot of changes in both the operating systems as well as the application. Though in the third developer release the application was renamed as Mail.

Features of Apple Mail

1. Access Messages in Split View

When you use Mail in full screen the messages open in a split window along with the message list. The user will not have to switch windows for wiring or reading messages.

2. Flag Feature

There is an option to flag your important messages for later reference. You can easily select the email which you want to mark as important.

3. Set your Own Rules

Mail enables you to form your customised set of rules, you can design it according to your priorities. Some of the options which you can include in your rule set.

  • Forward messages to another recipient.
  • Flag read messages.
  • Automatically send a reply to messages.

4. Sign your Emails

You can sign your emails by setting up the signature option provided in Apple Mail. This will help you in avoiding signing your emails again and again.

5. Mail Photo Browser

The Mac Mail eases your task to add photos in your email. Now you will not have to look through the long list of photos, simply search in the photo browser available.

6. Advanced Junk Mail Filtering

The built-in junk message filtering option is quite strong in Apple Mail. It knows what is and what isn't spam. Although there is an option to customize the junk mail filter.

How to Configure Apple Mail with Gmail using IMAP

For setting up your Apple Mail account with Gmail using IMAP, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Enable IMAP in Gmail Settings-
    • Sign in Gmail, click on the gear icon & select settings.
    • Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP & select Enable IMAP.
    • Configure your IMAP settings & save the changes.
  2. Open Apple Mail & select Mail >> Preferences & then go to Accounts tab.
  3. Click on the '+' sign to add a new account & enter the login credentials (email id & password) after which click continue.
  4. Fill in the credentials for Incoming Mail Server, which include account type, description, incoming mail server, username, password and click continue.
  5. Fill in the same fields for the Outgoing Mail Server.
  6. Check the Account Summary & click create.
  7. Now you can check your Gmail emails in Apple Mail.

How to configure Apple Mail (Mac Mail) with Gmail using POP

The by default settings of Apple Mail will set up your Gmail account with IMAP, so in case if you want to configure your Gmail account with IMAP using POP then you need to follow the following steps.

  1. Enable POP in Gmail Settings-
    • Select Enable POP from Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
    • If you do not want all your mail folders to download, then select Enable POP for mail that arrives now on.
  2. Select Add Other Mail Account, click continue & enter credentials in Add a mail account.
  3. After creating the account enter Incoming Mail Server Info which would require the following information – Account type, Mail server, Username & Password, click Next.
    Note: For Account type enter POP (as the default is IMAP) & mail server as pop.gmail.com.
  4. Now enter SSL Port as 993 & check Authentication - Password for Incoming Mail Server.
  5. The Outgoing Mail Server Information will include-
    • SMTP Server – smtp.gmail.com
    • Username & Password.
  6. Now enter SSL Port as 465 & check Authentication - Password for Incoming Mail Server.
  7. Verify all the settings that you have entered & use "Connection Doctor" option by going to Window to check if the connection was properly established or not.


Apple Mail is a very advanced email client which was developed for Mac users by Apple Inc. It has many striking features which help in improving the user experience.