What is Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client?

Technical Information of Mozilla Thunderbird

Developer Mozilla Foundation
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP SP2 or later; OS X 10.9 or later; Linux
Initial Release July 28, 2003
Written in C, C++, JavaScript, CSS, XUL, XBL
Type Email Client, news Client, Feed Reader
Official Site www.thunderbird.net

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source & cross-platform email client, a news client and chat client developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is one of the most commonly used email clients in today's world.

Thunderbird was developed to make email better by bringing together speed, privacy and latest technologies. It is installed by default on Ubuntu desktop systems. Mozilla Thunderbird has many highlighting features that make it unique from other email clients. The advantages of Mozilla Thunderbird are much more than many other email clients available. Let us have a look at some of its features.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird Email Application

Tabbed Email: Mozilla Thunderbird replicated the tabbed feature of Mozilla Firefox to give the users an easier and similar user experience. The tabbed email lets the users load their emails in separate tabs, making it easier to switch between them. Also, the user can keep multiple emails open at a time for easy reference.

Personalised Email: Thunderbird lets the users create their own email address like john@datahelpsoftware.com for their personal use. The user can signup for a new email within Thunderbird and it will set up automatically.

Web Search: It provides a search option where the user can search whatever comes to their mind and will receive most relevant answers for the web.

  1. Attachment prompt: Mozilla Thunderbird makes sure to prompt the user to attach file(s) to the mail if needed. This feature acts as a reminder to the user incase they forget to attach files to their email.
  2. File Format Support: Mozilla Thunderbird supports a file format named MBOX (Mail Box). It stores all its emails in this file format.

A Few Highlights of Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

Thunderbird FileLink: Thunderbird has introduced a new feature of sending large files without any delay or restrictions on the size of email. This is done by uploading the large files to an online storage provider and sharing its link via the mail. Instead of sending the whole file via email.

Add-ons: Mozilla Thunder provides an Add-ons Manager where it has a list of add-ons with proper descriptions & pictures. The user would not have to surf the web to find the add-ons anymore.

Look and Feel: Thunderbird users get a wide variety of themes for their account. They can customize their mail account according to their choice.

Open Source: Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source email client. This means that any user from any location can download and access its facility without buying the software.

Cross-Platform Support: Thunderbird supports various platforms, so we can say it provides support for cross platforms.

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS

Security: There are many security features which makes Mozilla Thunderbird a very secure email client.

  • Thunderbird provides high ended security features for its users. It provides remote image protection (blocks remote images in email messages ) and Do Not Track option which is related to searching the web.
  • It also tracks if the user is being taken to a different page than the one mentioned in the email and prompts the user to check their activities. Thereby providing phishing protection.
  • Thunderbird learns and improves its filtering process so that the user spends its time only on related emails and avoid junks.


Thunderbird can be said as an ideal email client. As it is open source and despite that provides a lot of advantages which makes the user experience very comfortable.The interface of Mozilla Thunderbird is a bit different from other email clients available but once the user starts using it. They gradually get accustomed to it.