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Google Apps Merge Wizard - Features

Noteworthy Utility to Combine G Suite Accounts Email, Attachments, Contacts, Calendars, Documents, Etc.

merge g suite accounts

Swiftly Merge G Suite Accounts

G Suite merger tool is designed with high-end technology whose aimed to join the entirety Google Apps accounts data. The tool requires two completely distinct G Suite administrative accounts (Source and Destination Domain) to add Email Messages, Mail Attachment, Contacts, Calendars in new domain. In fact, it is tested that the software move data at a speed of 40 GB / Hour. Moreover, this speed relies on lots of factors such as Internet Bandwidth, System Configuration, etc.

support delta merging


Utility has various eminent features, amongst all Delta Data transfer is one of them. In this approach, if the new mails received on Source user’s mailbox during the merging task gets automatically route to a new domain address. This feature provides extensive flexibility during merging multiple Google Apps accounts procedure.

date filter option to combine google apps data

Date Filter to Merge G Suite Data

With this G suite merge accounts software, users can effortlessly join data items of particular date range using Date-based filter. In fact, users can apply the filter on each data item such as Emails, Contacts, Documents, etc. and merge them into new domain account. All-in-all, this efficacious feature helps the users to merge data of selective timeline instead of all.

display activity log

Display Activity Log Report

The Google apps merge tool provides real-time status of on-going procedure. With the help of this report, you can analyze status of G Suite data that are going to merge in a new domain like Pending, Processing and Completed. Besides this, the details of Source and destination accounts also mention along with the details of Emails, Calendars, Documents, and Contacts item count.

set priority

Facility to Set Priority

Another remarkable feature of the software is to assign Priority to individual G Suite user’s mailbox. Hence, during the data merge procedure, the G suite merge tool will transit those mailboxes first who has the highest priority from source to destination G Suite account. Usually, this functionality helps the user to assign order and move data according to it without any headache.

keep record every task

Keep Record of Every Task

The G Suite Merge Accounts Software has a dashboard that allows the user to view summary of the tasks that have been executed, By this, user can analyze and keep a record of already combined G Suite data such as Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and G Suite documents. Therefore, with the help of personal dashboard, users can view previous record without any trouble.

merge google apps account via admin account


Exclusively G Suite admin account has capability to combine data of Google Apps accounts. In order to merge data of G Suite domains seamlessly, it is mandatory to mention admin credentials of source & targeted domains. Once both accounts validated by the software, it will initiate automatic data transition procedure.

Note -

  1. Make sure to Add Scope in order to verify both Source & Destination G Suite admin account.
  2. Always mention Service Account Client. Besides this, you need to provide p12 path of Google Cloud Platform Console Project.

mapping option

Facility of Mapping Feature

User ID’s mapping is a smart strategy that let the user perform mapping between Google Apps/ Gsuite accounts, domains. The tool offers four different ways to execute mapping functionality.

Same as source Email ID: With this option, the user can merge the data into source Google Apps email address with complete data.

Email Format + Domain Name: Opt the suitable email format along with domain name. For example, if you have an email ID in source as name@abc.com and by opting this option, user can change this with first_name@xyz.com.

Change Only Domain Name: This option lets you eliminate the source domain name with the new one while migrating the data.

Add CSV File: Create a CSV file that comprises details of Source and Destination user mailboxes mapping information and uploads it in software using Browse button.

detailed report

Detailed Report For Broader View

User get the in-depth information of entire G Suite data merging process in the following ways;

Tile View: It shows individual tile for each Google Apps user mailbox with information like current status etc.

List View: This option enlists all the user mailbox in a list format that are categorized in four different tabs based on its status – Processing, Pending, Completed.

CSV Report: After completion of the process, a detailed summary report is generated that can be downloaded in CSV format.

Failed Migration Report: Capable to create an error report in case of catastrophic situations.


incremental mirging option


The Google Apps merger software support approach of incremental migration. It reduces the time by merging only the new data items instead of all when user starts the process second time. This approach saves time as well as effort too.

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System Requirements & FAQ's

System Specification

System Requirement of G Suite Merger to Combine Google Apps Accounts

System Specifications

  • Windows OS : Windows 10 or any below version (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Processor : 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM : 512 MB (1 GB is recommended)
  • Disk Space : Around 50 MB free space for installation
  • Additional Requirement: Internet Connectivity, Login Required in Google Apps Account
  • You Need to Add Scope in G-Suite Account
  • You Need to Browse p12 Key Path of Google Cloud Platform Console Project


The Demo Edition of the Google Workspace Merge Tool will Join only first 50 items of 3 users. For complete data, buy G Suite Account Merge Software full version.

Product Details
  • Version: 5.8.0
  • File Size: 91.0 MB

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