A Complete Comparison between Thunderbird and MS Outlook

Jason Florek | January 4th, 2020 | General, Outlook

There are various email clients available on the web market but Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook are the most trending ones. Both of the email clients are desktop-based program which is quite useful in order to access emails on the local machine. However, if you get confused while choosing one email application from both, then this blog helps you to pick out a correct email client as per your needs.

Features Difference Between Thunderbird and Outlook

Features Thunderbird Outlook
POP3 Yes Yes
IMAP Yes Yes
Open Source Yes No
Multi-Account Yes Yes
File Size 4 GB 20-50 GB
Search Yes Yes
Cost Free Paid
File Format MBOX PST
Exchange Support Yes Yes

Microsoft Outlook Vs. Mozilla Thunderbird

In this section, we going to discuss the differences between both of the email client and we are staring from Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager and it is a robust email application. It is a most used desktop-based email client which allow to working on MS Exchange server and MS Sharepoint server. Apart from multiple features, it provides you calendars, tasks emails, contacts, and journals. With the help of calendar you can send and receive meeting invitations and share your calendar to other users on your network.

Along with that, Outlook provide Social Connector feature. With the help this feature you can allow integration of social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Window Live Messenger into MS Outlook.

In additionally, it also include email attachment reminder which notifies to insert the attachment while sending the email. Now, let see the advantage and disadvantages of MS Outlook.

Advantages of Outlook

  • Microsoft Outlook provides powerful filter to protect from spamming and phishing.
  • Supports IMAP, POP3 profile in MS Outlook.
  • With the help of “Clutter” you can easily filter the emails.
  • It is very easy to add different account in an Outlook like Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc.
  • Outlook Supports different languages.
  • It Provides various utility tool like scanpst.exe, Hotmail connector.
  • It gives you the features to customize the colour and appearance of the user interface.

Disadvantages of Outlook

  • Microsoft Outlook only supports its own Outlook aliases rather than other email aliases.
  • MS Outlook does not allow user to create flags, folder or rules.
  • Password recovery process is little bit complex.
  • Sometimes system fail during loading files or document.
  • On a certain occasions, spam emails are not filtered and appears in inbox.
  • The configuration is complex as respect to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mozilla Thunderbird

On the other hand, Thunderbird is open source and free desktop email client. It is developed by Mozilla open source community. This email client used by many users across the globe because it allows to manage as many email accounts and also have a feature to filter junk emails.

This email client is also known as chat client which include news client, and RSS. Mozilla Thunderbird runs on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Thunderbird email application provides self- explanatory exposure to the user.

Mozilla Thunderbird allows multiple accounts configuration along with the same Thunderbird email client. According to the needs of users, all these items from the panel can be customized and modified. Mozilla Thunderbird is open-source email client, which usually gives it a big advantage in the development and release security patches at a faster rate.

Now, lets see the pros and cons of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Advantages of Thunderbird

  • Gives a feature to open multiple tabs for navigation.
  • Support different email clients which support IMAP, POP3, protocols.
  • Manage emails in easy way or with the help of filters, tags, and views search is fast.
  • Offers numbers of add-on for users.
  • Offers pCloud add-on to send heavy files.
  • Provide a quick archival of unwanted email by hitting A button.
  • Consistent moderate change in the App design of Thunderbird.

Disadvantages of Thunderbird

  • Thunderbird prone to crashing, if the mail folder size get increased.
  • The overall user interface is very Outdated
  • One big issue with Thunderbird is that subject lines has been temporarily vanished from the list.

Expert Advice

There are lots of people who want to switch Thunderbird email client to Outlook without data loss. So, if you are one of the user, then you can try the reliable tool to convert .mbox file to .pst file format without any data loss. It will help you to access data of Thunderbird email application into Outlook.


The above blog, clear all you doubts about Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. Because in this blog we discussed the major comparison between Thunderbird Vs. Outlook. Both of the email client provides best features to manage the emails.