Convert GPT Partition to MBR without Losing Data: Delivering Authentic & Realistic Solutions

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Before learning how to convert GPT partition to MBR without losing data we should have vital to gain a better grasp of MBR and GPT hard discs before. They are, on the whole, two distinct partition styles.

MBR, or Master Boot Record, is a sector at the very beginning of the hard drive that acts as a guide. MBR contains file systems and the organization type, as well as information on logical partitions. It contains either the boot procedure (executable code generated when the computer loads the OS in the second stage of startup) or the boot record (which connects all partitions) (VBR).
The GUID (Globally Unique Identifiers) Partition Table, or GPT, has become the new standard for disc partition tables, stemming from the EFI (Extensive Firmware Interface). MBR is being phased out in favor of something newer. Every partition on a GPT disc has a unique “globally unique identifier.”

Difference Between GPT & MBR

Various Windows users nowadays explore many technical blogs and forums for an acceptable answer to “Convert GPT partition to MBR without losing data.” Why are they converting MBR to GPT? Why couldn’t they afford to lose data? The distinction between MBR and GPT, as well as particular circumstances, provide a reasonable explanation.

  • The MBR hard disc can only support a maximum of 2TB, however the GPT hard disc can support up to 256TB.
  • On an MBR drive, users can only create four primary partitions or three primary partitions and one extended partition. At best, the GPT can accommodate 128 primary partitions.
  • Some bootable mainboards, such as MAC, do not support MBR as a system disc.

Many people are looking for a solution to Convert partition GPT to MBR without data loss, but they are unable to do so since they cannot destroy all partitions. Will switching an MBR hard drive to a GPT hard disc result in data loss? Actually, the answer is different depending on which path you take. Some ways need you to erase existing partitions (along with their contents) before convert GPT partition to MBR without losing data, although not all of them do.

When should you convert GPT to MBR Partition?

Although GPT discs appear to be more advanced than MBR discs, you may need to convert GPT to MBR partition discs on occasion. For example, if you’re running Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 32-bit, or Windows XP 32-bit, you’ll need to switch your system disc from GPT to MBR because they don’t support GPT partitions. In some systems, a GPT disc will appear as a “GPT protective partition,” and you will be unable to access your data unless you convert the drive back to MBR. In addition, you may need to convert a GPT disc to an MBR disc in specific circumstances.

Professional Solution for Convert GPT Partition to MBR Without Losing Data

For improved compatibility, there is a wonderful solution for How to convert GPT partition to MBR without data loss. Most users may want to finish the conversion without losing data. Then Hard Drive Data Recovery Software is an excellent tool for converting GPT to MBR without causing damage to internal data or the operating system. This is a significant advantage over changing GPT to MBR through Command Prompt, which necessitates the deletion of all partitions.
Furthermore, if you can successfully boot into Windows, you can complete the process in only three stages. If you can’t boot into Windows, you can use this software to generate a bootable disc and then convert in WinPE mode.

The following are the steps for converting GPT Partition to MBR without losing data:

1:- As You Download and Install Hard Drive Data Recovery Software, This Is What You Will SeeHome page for Convert GPT Partition to MBR without Losing Data

2:- Select a partition and, according on your needs, select Scan or Formatted ScanScan or Formatted Scan Button

3:- In the partition recovery wizard window, you can see a preview of the things that have recovered.Partition recovery wizard window

4:- Data from a GPT or MBR partition can save to any location.Save GPT or MBR partition for Convert GPT Partition to MBR Without Losing Data

5:- To save the restored files and folders, Browse to the location. From the program panel, you can also make a new folder. Please do not use the destination hard drive as the source hard drive (from which you are recovering data).Browse the location for file for converting GPT Partition to MBR without losing data

6:- The software will then begin the saving process. The software displays a successful message after exporting all of the data.successful message after exporting data

Manual Techniques for Convert GPT Partition to MBR Without Losing Data

We’ll go through two popular manual methods for how to change GPT partition to MBR in bios in this session.

Use Command Prompt to Convert GPT to MBR

This approach of using the Diskpart command focus on erasing volumes and data. Before you go any further, make a backup of your vital data.

  • Type diskpart in Command Prompt as an administrator.
  • Press Enter after typing list disc. Take note of the disc number for the GPT disc.
  • If 1 is the GPT disc, type select disc 1. Enter the code.
  • Press Enter after typing clean. This step will erase the disk’s entire contents.
  • Press Enter after typing convert MBR.
  • After it’s finished, type quit to exit Command Prompt.

Use Windows Disk Management to Convert GPT to MBR

Back up crucial data to an external hard drive and close any apps that are accessing the disc before converting it. In Windows, you’ll also need administrator privileges to achieve this. On your Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista PC, Disk Management comes installed by default.

  • Navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools to access Disk Management as an administrator. To open a new window, click Computer Management.
  • From the Storage menu, choose Disk Management.
  • To convert a disc from GPT to MBR, you must first erase all of the volumes. Select Delete Volume from the context menu when you right-click on a volume. Carry out the same procedure for all partitions.
  • After you’ve deleted all of the partitions on the GPT drive, right-click it and choose Convert to MBR Disk.
  • If you choose, you can build partitions on the newly MBR drive once the GPT disc has converted to MBR.

Bottom Line for Convert GPT Partition to MBR Without Losing Data

This technical article details several options for answering the user’s question about how to change GPT partition in BIOS. Users may now simply install Windows on the MBR disc, and if they experience any data loss, Partition Recovery Tool is the best way to recover files. It is a perfectly safe and secure method of converting GUID partitions to MBR in BIOS without losing data in Windows 10, 8, 7, and other operating systems.