Common Errors – Export Exchange Mailboxes to Outlook PST

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Well, exporting the mailbox items from Exchange account will help you to archive your data without worrying about any loss of data. Especially, when an employee moves from one organization to another, the archived Exchange mailboxes can be utilized to fetch the crucial emails or contacts in another email client such as Outlook application. So, see how to export or extract Exchange mailboxes to Outlook PST format easily.

In Exchange Environment, Administrator uses Export PowerShell Commands and Exchange Admin Center but while these methods due to incorrect approaches lead to error and failed process. In this sections, we address some common queries with both the manual and the automated solution to export Exchange mailboxes to Outlook PST in a precise and comprehensive manner. We also discussed, some query regarding automated Exchange Export Tool.

How to Extract Exchange Mailbox to PST – Solution 1

Query 1: “I work as a Marketing Executive and I am leaving my current organization and switching to other organization. As my profession carries the most important contacts in my Exchange account. Hence, I am in urgent need to export all of my saved Exchange contacts to Outlook PST. So, I can access these contacts in future use. Please help me with the PowerShell commands to export Exchange 2010 contacts to PST file format.”

Solution: In this case, use PowerShell shell command to export Exchange 2010 contacts to Outlook PST file format.

New-MailboxExportRequest -FilePath MustBeUN&IncludeThexyz.pst – IncludeFolders “contacts”

In this command, is the mailbox name, which is to be exported, FilePath is the path of the Exchange EDB file, which contains all the details of the contacts and xyz.pst is the file containing the contacts which are exported.

How to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST – Solution 2

Query 2: “I need to export Exchange 2013 mailboxes to PST file format. I have tried the PowerShell command, somehow I felt the command difficult to execute. Kindly let me know the EAC(Exchange Admin Center) steps to export Exchange mailboxes to PST format.”

Since PowerShell Command become complex if the Administrator does not use the right parameter commands. To avoid error use Graphical Exchange Admin Interface, the complete procedure to extract Exchange mailbox to PST Outlook is given below:

  1. Open EAC and Open Recipients Section >> Mailboxes. Click More options.. to view “Export to a PST file“ option.
  2. Under Export to a PST file wizard, browse and select the source mailbox and choose either of the mentioned options i.e., Export only the contents of this mailbox or Export only the contents of this mailbox’s archive and click Next
  3. After that, specify the UNC path and the target PST filename and click on the Next button
  4. On the next page, select Send an email to the mailbox below when the .pst file has been exported option and click Browse to add or remove the notification recipients
  5. Once the required selections are done, uncheck the Send email to the mailbox below when the .pst file has been exported option and click on the Finish button

How to Extract Exchange Calendars to PST File Format?

Query 3: USe EAC to export only Calendar Details of the mailboxes but complete mailboxes items save with Calendar file. Need to save only Calendar file, use the PowerShell command process failed every with invalid parameter error. So, please let me know the Command to export Exchange calendar to PST file format.

Solution: Similar to contacts attributes mentioned in the above solution, we use PowerShell command to extract / export calendar details stored in mailboxes.

Use Command:

NewMailboxExportRequest -Mailbox MailboxName -IncludeFolders “#Calendar#” -FilePath \\PSTFile\FolderName\FileName.pst

Now, you can set a particular date range to export calendar information within the specified date range using the below command,

Export-Mailbox -Identity -StartDate“” -EndDate”” -IncludeFolders ‘\Calendar’ -TargetFolder -TargetMailbox

Here, the StartDate parameter is used to specify the beginning date and EndDate to defined the last date.

Easy ways to Extract Exchange Mailbox data in Outlook Account

Query 4: Hey, Using Exchange Export utility to export Exchange mailbox to PST format, Can Software export multiple mailboxes at single instances

Solution: yes, Software support migration of multiple mailboxes in single instances, just follow the given guide to extract Exchange Mailbox to PST

Download the Tool –

  1. Now open Software, after that to access the Desired Exchange environment provides the administrator Login credentials, Server version, Active directory IP and Exchange Server IP, so that software can preview the mailbox’s details.
  2. Now, If you want to export multiple mailboxes to PST file format in the single instance then, just check the desired mailboxes. The tool also displays any permission details along with mailbox while extracting mailbox emails
  3. Now, you apply Different filters along with sections such as “Mails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, News, and Journals”. Use Set Filter option to use Date Filter to export only specific time period mailbox items.
  4. In Filters select the Time Interval via “From” and “To” sections.
  5. Now Browse the location to save the Destination PST File path to save within system so that can use as Backup and Sharing purpose.

Extract Exchange Mailbox Data Using Tool – Know More

Query 5: Does Exchange Export tool allows to export only the selected sections from complete of mailbox’s to save and time-consuming process.

Yes, to save space and time while exporting exchange mailboxes to Outlook PST format. Make sure that these multiple Exchange mailboxes have full admin rights.

In this scenarios, need to just check the Mailbox Section from the Preview Panel. For Example, we need to export only the mailbox of the selected mailbox’s then check only the “Mail” section.

Bringing It Altogether

Working with PowerShell command in Exchange environment always remaining the difficult task but Exchange Admin Center can be used to export Exchange mailbox to PST format. But with EAC, complete mailbox details exported to Outlook format. In the above section, we discussed scenarios that help you out while using EAC and PowerShell. If the manual method tempts to be tedious and tiresome, then switch to Exchange Export tool- a one-stop solution for an easy process to extract Exchange mailbox to PST format.