Extract Email Address from Outlook Message Body in 4 Steps

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In this write-up, we will discuss How you can extract email addresses from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. either with the help of a third-party tool or via the manual method.

Extracting email addresses from the message bodies in Outlook seems easy to most users at first. But things become complex when users actually start performing the manual procedure because of it involving a bunch of perplexing steps. And these steps can confuse a non-technical user for sure.

But there is an alternate available. As according to most tech-experts, third-party applications must be utilized in such scenarios. As these are distinctively designed to cater to such problems.

And the reason these Datahelp applications hold advantages over the manual method is that they are both easy to use and also allow a user to export his email list in different file formats. Because Outlook limits a user’s needs by providing only “CSV/ PST” as export file alternates.

So one such third-party application, which fulfills a user’s needs in this case is known as Outlook Email Address Extractor. It is easy to use and provides a variety of export options.

extract mail id from outlook

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How Can You Extract Email Addresses From Outlook?

You can do the above mentioned in two ways:

  1. You can either take the assistance of a third-party application, which will make your work easy for you. And remove all the complexities in the extraction process. Perfect way to extract email address from Microsoft Outlook all versions.
  2. Or, you can extract the email list from Outlook manually. But in this case, you will be required to go through an onerous step-by-step process.

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100% Safe Way to Extract Email Addresses from Outlook

The aforementioned software Outlook Email Address Extractor works perfectly in this scenario. As it is capable of extracting email addresses from Outlook swiftly, even from a large number of emails. It works with file extensions such as “PST, OST, BAK, and MSG”. And to ease your worries about any flaws in the process, the tool will also provide you with a success/failure report.

Now let’s learn How you can extract email addresses from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007. via this third-party application. The Outlook email address extraction process involves a total of 4 steps:

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Step 1: Launch the application and click on “Add files” to add files of your preferred file format.

save mail address from Outlook

Step 2: Now click on “Select Properties” and choose sections from where you want to extract the email addresses.

select options

Step 3: Select your preferred export file format. And you can also apply different advance filters, as per your choice. After that click on Extract button.

extract mail id from Outlook

Step 4: Click on “OK” after completing the Outlook email address extraction process.

final step

Now you have successfully extracted the email addresses from Outlook.

So far you have learned about the use of a third-party tool to extract email addresses from Outlook message body. But as mentioned before there is a manual method also to extract those email addresses.

As the step-by-step process in the manual extraction method is somewhat incoherent and confusing. And if a user is especially from a non-technical background, then he may face a lot of difficulties in understanding the process.

Now let’s go ahead and learn…

Why Use Software To Extract Email Address from Outlook?

There a number of reasons and some of the most important ones have been mentioned below:

  • The manual method to extract email addresses from Outlook message body only works, when there is a small number of emails. But in case there are a large number of emails, then the whole process can become tiresome for a user.
  • But with the use of the above-mentioned third-party tool, all the email addresses can be extracted at once, as the extraction process becomes smooth and user friendly.
  • The aforementioned third-party tool allows a user to extract emails in different file formats such as “PST, VCF, and CSV”.
  • A third-party tool allows you have to extract email addresses directly from a PST/BAK/OST/MSG file. No Outlook installation will be required.
  • The manual method does not allow you to perform a date-based email addresses extraction procedure, whereas the above-mentioned third-party application does.

A Few Final Words

When manually extracting email addresses from Outlook, always make sure that you do not any step. As that can result in the extraction of an incomplete email address list.

Apart from that, the manual method is confusing and filled with inconsistencies. So if you are ever in a dilemma like that and want to make sure that you are able to swiftly export your Outlook email list. Then it advised that you should utilize the services of a third-party application. As it will bridge the gap of any discrepancies and you will be able to swiftly and successfully extract email addresses from Outlook even including message body as well.