Quick Way to Fix Operation Failed Outlook Attachment Error

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Are you facing difficulties while opening or sending email attachment? If yes then read the blog thoroughly here we are going to resolve this “Operation failed outlook attachment error”.

Most of the Outlook users experienced this Outlook attachment error. Outlook inhibits users from opening or sending attachments and throws an error message stated that “The operation failed. An object can’t be found.”

Let’s discuss the factors that are responsible for this issue.

Why Outlook Operation Failed when Sending Email with Attachment?

There are various reasons that may lead to this issue such as:

Older Version of Outlook: If you are using an older version of Outlook, then there are more chances of getting problems.

Corrupt or missing PST: Outlook does not allow users to perform any task if their Outlook PST file is corrupted.

Anti-virus/ Firewall: Conflicting applications on your system can cause many Outlook problems like the current one.

Outlook Add-ins: Sometimes add-ins will create issues for sending or opening email attachments.

Incorrect Outlook installation: Due to wrong or incomplete Outlook installation users are unable to attach attachments successfully.

Now let’s troubleshoot this error.

Manual Solution to Fix Operation Failed Outlook Attachment Error

In order to resolve this Outlook problem, we have covered various methods. But before performing these steps make sure you have administrator access to the system.

1: Update Microsoft Outlook

First of all, update the latest version of Outlook application.

1.1: Click File > Office Account.

1.2: Click on ‘Update Options’ and then ‘Update Now’ for updating the Outlook application.

2: Run Outlook in Normal Mode

Next, verify that Outlook is in compatibility mode. Look at the steps required to do so:

2.1: Go to the start button & type ‘outlook.exe’ in the search box.

2.2: Right-click on the Outlook icon that is on the desktop and chooses Properties.

2.3: Select the Compatibility tab and deselect the ‘Run the program in the compatibility mode’ if selected.

2.4: Choose the ‘Apply’ option and hit the ‘OK’ button to close the window.

2.5: Now, restart the Outlook application and check if you can send emails again.

3: Open Outlook in Safe Mode

If Outlook won’t open attachments, try opening it in safe mode, which disables add-ins. Here are the steps:

3.1: Exit Outlook.

3.2: Press Windows+R buttons to open Run command.

3.3: Type Outlook.exe /safe, and click OK.

4: Change Outlook Connection Mode

Cached exchange mode enables a better experience when you use cached exchange mode.

4.1: Open Outlook and click on File menu.

4.2: Click on the Account Settings drop-down menu and again click on Account Settings.

4.3: Go to the Email Tab, select your account and then click on Change.

4.4: In the Exchange Account settings, click on More Settings.

4.5: Click on the Advanced tab. Check if “Use Cached Exchange Mode” is enabled, then disable it and if disabled then enable it.

4.6: Restart Outlook and check the Outlook has started to open the attachment file properly.

5: Clean Boot Windows or Use Windows Safe Mode

Follow the steps to resolve the operation failed when opening attachment in Outlook.

5.1: Press Windows key + R. It will launch the “Run”.

5.2: Type ‘msconfig’ and hit the OK button to access the ‘System Configuration.’

5.3: Select the ‘selective startup’ button.

5.4: Select the Load system services and original boot configuration options.

5.5: Uncheck the box ‘Load startup items.

5.6: Open the “Services” tab.

5.7: Click on the “Hide Microsoft services” option.

5.8: Hit the ‘Disable all’ button. It will deselect all the third-party services. Now click Apply and then click OK.

5.9: At last, in the pop-up dialog box window select the Restart option.

Have you tried all the methods that are mentioned above and still facing the Operation Failed Outlook Attachment error? Then, it is possible your PST file is corrupted. To fix corruption yo have to use a trusted third party tool, so in the next section, we have mentioned a professional software that can easily fix this issue.

To Fix “Operation Failed When Opening Attachment in Outlook” – Try This Instant Solution

If none of the manual approaches works for you then we suggest this Outlook PST file repair tool. The software efficiently resolves this Outlook attachment error caused by a corrupt PST file. The utility performs the quick and advanced scanning mode to repair damaged files. Moreover, the tool has the capability to recover deleted data items.

Winding Things Up

It is being noticed that some people experienced this “operation failed Outlook attachment error” while opening or sending an attachment. To resolve this error, we have mentioned some manual tricks for users seeking a free solution. However, in the case of major PST corruption, we recommended a reliable third-party tool.