How to Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc13: Here’s The Instant Solution

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Summary: In this article, we will discuss Outlook error 0x800ccc13 and the primary reasons behind this error code. In addition, we will provide you the multiple methods to resolve this error in Windows operating system.

Microsoft Outlook has been used by millions of users for communication purposes. But, sometimes Outlook users face multiple errors, due to which the functioning of Outlook often gets interrupted. One such error is Outlook error 0x800ccc13 cannot connect to the network.

If you are facing this error while using Outlook, it means you won’t be able to send and receive emails in Outlook. Usually, this error appears when you upgraded your older version of Windows to a newer one. Apart from this, there could be many reasons that may lead to this error 0x800ccc13 Outlook.

It is necessary to find the root cause of the error as it will help in finding the right solution for it. So, let’s find them & rectify the error.

  1. Corrupt Outlook data files (PST).
  2. Virus Attack or Malware infection.
  3. Outlook Add-ins.
  4. Hardware problems.
  5. Bad sectors on the hard disk.

After knowing the factors that lead to error 0x800ccc13, let’s jump to its resolution.

Manual Workaround to Resolve the Outlook Error 0x800ccc13

Here, we have mentioned both the manual as well as automated methods to fix the 0x800ccc13 Outlook error Windows 10 & below versions.

Method 1: Use Windows File Checker

The first and foremost method that you can try the Windows system file checker. It’s an efficient way to repair corrupted system files in your Windows installation. This can be accomplished by using the following instructions:

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Right-click on the Start button and select Command Prompt as Administrative.
  3. Once Command window opens, type sfc/ scannow and hit Enter.
  4. After the process is completed, restart your computer and then open Outlook.

Method 2: Disable Outlook Add-ins

Add-ins in Microsoft Outlook are programs or utilities that help you to enhance the functionality. They are also known as plug-ins or extensions. But, sometimes due to lack of network latency, it slows down the Outlook application programs. Follow the steps to fix the issue.

  1. Press Windows key+R.
  2. Type Outlook/ safe in the dialog box.
  3. Click on the File menu and click on the Outlook options button.
  4. Next, click on Add-ins and click Go which is beside Manage Com Add-ins.
  5. Check the offending Add-ins and disable it.
  6. At last, restart the Outlook.

Method 3: Run Outlook in Safe Mode

You can try the Microsoft Outlook Safe Mode feature to resolve the Outlook error 0x800ccc. By running the Outlook in safe mode will block any extensions that might hinder the troubleshooting. Hence, if the application is recently crashed, it can be launched in safe mode.

  1. Press Windows + R key together.
  2. Now, type-in ‘Outlook’ or ‘Safe’ in the run dialog box.

Method 4: Alter Registry

Sometimes when you install the latest updates, its registry value gets changed. In such situations, you need to alter registry values manually. Look through the steps to do so:

  1. Press ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ keys together. It will open ‘Run.’
  2. Type-in ‘Regedit’ in the run command and open ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.’
  3. Open the ‘Microsoft’ folder. Go to ‘Windows’ and open the current version folder.
  4. Select the ‘Run’ folder.
  5. If you see Outlook error 0x800ccc13, delete the file.
  6. Now ‘Restart’ your computer.

Method 5: Repair the Corrupted File

If above mentioned methods doesn’t resolve the issue, there is a possibility that your Outlook PST file is corrupted. To repair it, you can use Microsoft in-built utility called Inbox Repair Tool.

You can repair the minor issues that are related to PST files (personal folders). However, you can’t rectify if the PST files are severely or highly corrupted.

Follow the steps to repair corrupt files using scanpst.exe.

Note: Make a back up copy of the corrupt files before starting the process.

First of all, locate the scanPST.exe tool depending on the version of Windows OS. For instance, scanpst.exe tool for Outlook 2007 is located in the mentioned location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

  1. Run the Inbox Repair Tool by Double-clicking on the Scanpst.exe file.
  2. Click on the browse button to insert the corrupt .pst files.
  3. Next click on the start button to begin the scanning phase.
  4. If the tool founds any error, click on the Repair button.

Even if you have tried all the above-mentioned methods and the issue is still not resolved. Then it means that your personal folder files are highly corrupted. So, in order to repair the highly corrupted files, you can use the third-party application. Let’s explore it!

Automated Solution –

Outlook PST file Recovery tool is the proficient utility that helps in repairing corrupt files. It is the finest and faultless software to restore the corrupted data that is preferred by most of the IT experts.

Final Thoughts

Many Outlook users encounter this Outlook error 0x800ccc13 while sending or receiving their emails. This article is the complete tutorial on this Outlook error. By reading this post, you will get to know about this error and the reasons behind the occurrence of the error.

Afterward, we have explained the different manual workarounds to fix 0x800ccc13 error in detail. But, in case if the issue is not fixed by the manual methods then we have mentioned the automated solution to resolve the issue.