Resolve the Outlook Error 0x80190194 / Address Book (OAB) Error

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Summary: In this blog, we will tell you about the “Outlook Error 0x80190194” and its causes. Afterward, we will provide you a step-by-step procedure to fix the address book error 0x80190194 in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

Microsoft Outlook is a kind of personal information manager. It provide the functionality to save your emails, contacts & other items in one place. Additionally, it helps users to create an Offline Address Book (OAB) file which is a downloadable address list. They can easily access this list even if they get disconnected from Exchange Online.

When user try to update their Exchange Offline Address Books (OAB), they encounter with the “Task reported error (0x80190194) : ‘The operation failed”. Generally, this error appears when your OAB file is Web Distribution only enabled.

Besides this, there are many reasons that may lead to this error code in Outlook client. Let’s have a quick glance.

Reasons Behind the Occurrence Outlook Error 0x80190194

These are some factors that responsible for this Outlook email error code 0x80190194:

  1. OAB files missing from the Client Access Server
  2. Incorrect or misconfigured system settings
  3. Faulty entries in Windows Registry
  4. Corrupt data file in Outlook mailbox

How to Troubleshoot Error Code 0x80190194 in Outlook?

Here are some simple manual methods that will help you to resolve this 0x80190194 error that occur while updating the OAB files.

1: Re-install the Outlook Version

First of all run the anti-virus scan to check the virus or malware infections. If your system is virus- free then try uninstall the Outlook and install the update version of Outlook application.

2: Re-create the Outlook Profile

Another way to resolve the issue is by recreating the profile in Outlook account. Look at the steps required to do so.

  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Choose File > Account Settings > Manage Profiles.
  3. Select Show Profiles > click on the Add button.
  4. In the Profile Name box, type a name for the profile, and then choose OK.

If you are still having issues with your OAB files then it is likely that your OAB issues are rooted deeper in your mail profile. In that case, it is required to re-create a profile in Outlook account.

3: Create New OAB files

Outlook users can create a new OAB file by renaming the available OAB files as explained below.

  1. Close the running Outlook application.
  2. Navigate C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.
  3. Search the Offline Address Book folder in the Outlook folder.
  4. Rename the “Offline Address Books folder” to “Offline Address Books.old”.

Note: This step is applicable in Outlook 2010 and above versions. In Outlook 2007 version, you need to rename the files individually by putting .old in the names.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Go to File > Account Settings > Download Address Book.
    Make the following selections on the Offline address book dialog box:
  3. By default, this “Download changes since last Send/Receive” check box is selected. You can uncheck this box to fully download the OAB files.
  4. The address book drop-down list will display the offline address books that are available to you.
  5. Hit OK to download the OAB file and save it your computer.
  6. After the creation of fresh OAB files, the error would not pop again.

4: Copy OAB file to Client Access Server

You can create a replica of offline address book to the OAB directories to be accessed and downloaded by client manually.

  1. Go to your Mailbox Server.
  2. Navigate to this location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ExchangeOAB
  3. Now, copy the desired OAB files for updatation.
  4. Move to the client-server access location on your Mailbox Server and paste the copied OAB files.
  5. Now, try to update the OAB files using client Outlook application with Send/Receive option.

These were some free methods by which you can resolve Outlook error 0x80190194 that occurs while updating the OAB files. But in case, these methods doesn’t fix this issue, it means Exchange database file is corrupted. So, we recommend you to go for expert tool to repair the corrupted files.

EDB Recovery Wizard is a professional software which is specially designed to repair database corruption-related issues. In case of a server crash and EDB file corruption, the tool will recover data from corrupted mailboxes files.

Winding Things Up

In this blog, we have explained possible reasons for getting Outlook error 0x80190194 while updating their Exchange Offline Address Book (OAB). We have discussed all the possible solutions to resolve the address book error 0x80190194.