How to Migrate Maibox from Eudora to Office 365 Within a Few Simple Clicks

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Are you searching for a relevant solution to migrate the Eudora mailbox to Office 365 account? If your answer is yes, then read the article till the end. Here you will get to know the best solution for how we can import Eudora mails data to Office 365 cloud platform.

Before getting started, let’s take a quick glance at what Eudora is and why users need to migrate Eudora to Office 365.

Eudora is a desktop-based email client developed by Qualcomm. It is available for windows, MAC and Linux operating systems as well. It can manage multiple POP and IMAP accounts. It uses the MBOX file format to store email data.

Why do we Need to Import Eudora Mailboxes to Office365?

  1. Office 365 is a cloud based platform that enables you to access your emails, contacts, calendar tasks, etc., remotely.
  2. It is capable to provide enhanced security and privacy protection.
  3. Moreover, it includes the collaboration of various applications with advance and interactive features.

Thus, fascinating with these features, nowadays everyone is switching towards the Office 365 suite.

To access old Eudora emails data into Office 365 account, users have to perform Eudra to Office 365 migration.

Now, coming to the topic, Read the below section!

How to Import Eudora Mailboxes to Office365 Manually?

There is no direct method to migrate Eudora to Office 365. But we can perform this migration task manually, but in an indirect way. You need to follow the following three-step process.

Step 1: Export Eudora Emails into Outlook ExpressOpen Outlook Express Application.

1: Open Outlook Express Application.

2: Select Eudora mails that you want to export.

3: Browse Eudora MBOX file location.

Note – The default location of the Eudora mailbox is C:\Documents and Settings(local account name)\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora.

4: Select the required folder and click on Next.

5: To end the process, click on Finish.

Step 2: Import Converted Eudora Mail Data to MS Outlook

1: Open MS Outlook and select the File menu.

2: Choose the Import and Export option.

3: Select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x. Choose as per requirement.

4: Check Import Mail and Import Address Book option.

5: Click on Next and Finish the process.

Step 3: Migrate MS Outlook Emails to Office 365

1: Configure Office 365 account in MS Outlook.

2: Click on the File tab and then Open & Export.

3: Select Import from another program and click Next.

4: Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.

5: Browse PST data file and set Options as per your preference.

6: Pick out Import items to the same folder and select Office 365 Mailbox.

You can try this free method but it is time-consuming when users have multiple accounts. Have a look at some more limitations for this approach.

Limitations of Manual Method

  1. Lengthy and time-consuming process.
  2. Tedious for the huge size of mailboxes for a Eudora mailbox account.
  3. It does not allow to retrieve the attachments from the Sent folder.
  4. It requires multiple email client integration in the system.

An Instant Solution to Migrate Eudora Mailbox to Office 365

To overcome the drawbacks of the manual method, the best solution is to download and install the MBOX to Office 365 Migrator. This tool helps to migrate Eudora Mailbox to Office365 with attachment in batch. It analyzes the attributes of all the data files.

Besides, it also has some additional benefits. Have a look at its prominent features:

  1. It rapidly migrates Eudora Mailboxes to Office365 in bulk.
  2. It maintains data integrity by structuring the folder hierarchy.
  3. There are no file size limitations.
  4. Date filtering option easily selects exclusive .mbox emails for transferring.
  5. Data transmission is done with more safety and security.

Furthermore, the software is compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system.

Final Thoughts

In order to migrate entire mailbox from Eudora a to Office 365 cloud-based platform, we have recommended some easy and quick solutions. These methods will help users to import all the mailbox data. So, by reading the above article users will be smart enough to choose the best method that suits their requirements.