Tutorial to Migrate Spicebird Emails to Office 365

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Spicebird is a freeware email client, it only includes emails, calendar, and instant messaging applications. As time goes, it lacks with emerging technologies and tools.

Nowadays people are in favor of cloud-based services for the growth and development of their business. Therefore, most of the enterprise users are switching from Spicebird to Office 365 cloud platform.

Why do Users Want to Migrate Spicebird to Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that comes with a collaboration of many applications. Depending upon the user requirements one can select any subscription plan and get access to the cloud account. Furthermore, some other benefits of using Office 365 are listed below:

  1. It allows users to work remotely with any device.
  2. Data is present in a much more secure manner in the cloud platform.
  3. Capacity to store data is much higher than the Spicebird mail client.
  4. It has enhanced features and advance security algorithms.

Now, let’s come to the main concern of the users i.e., how to migrate Spicebird to Office 365 account?

Since Spicebird supports the MBOX file format. Hence all the series of email messages along with attachments of Spicebird are stored in the MBOX files. So in an attempt to export Spicebird emails to Office 365 we have two options one is to use a manual method and the second way is autometed migration software.

But, if you manually choose to move, import or migrate Spicebird mailbox into Office 365, you may face some technical issues, which are listed below.

Limitations of Manual Method to Perform Spicebird to Office 365 Migration

  1. It is quite troublesome for non-technical users as it requires technical skills.
  2. You may also get the broken images during the migration process.
  3. Data Integrity is compromised as it does not allow to maintain hierarchy of the folders.
  4. It does not allow us to transfer bulk emails from Spicebird to Office 365.
  5. There is no guarantee that your data is safe and secure in the migration process.

Apart from all this, the manual procedure is tedious and time-consuming.

Now, to perform the Spicebird to Office 365 migration quickly and effectively, use the professional software which is mentioned in the subsequent segment. Keep reading!

Why Incline Towards Streamlined Software?

MBOX to Office 365 migration tool is well systematized to perform the migration in easily. It imports Spicebird mailboxes into Office 365 with attachments account in bulk. The software is capable enough to support every Windows operating system as well.

Salient Features of The Tool

  1. It has a date filter option for importing selective emails.
  2. It maintains the data integrity by holding the entire folder hierarchy.
  3. The migration process is 100% safe and secure.
  4. You can import large-sized mailboxes without any hassle.
  5. Metadata properties of mail files are well maintained hence there is no chance of data loss.

Furthermore, if a user wants a proper report of how many files are successfully being imported into Office 365, they will also get the same which can further be saved for the future purpose.

Final Thoughts

By reading the above article you can clearly make your choice which method is best for you to migrate Spicebird to Office 365. The above-mentioned tool does not only saves time but also gives the outcome with more precise results. So, we would actually recommend the users to opt for this pro software for both professional and non-professional users.