How Do I Perform Google Drive Migration to Another Google Drive – 2 Free Ways

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There are multiple methods available to perform Google Drive to Google Drive migration, here we will explain all methods in detail. Before starting the process we are going to provide you some basic information about Google Drive. Google Drive is the most common and popularly used cloud storage service. It let users to store, sync, and share data with others. But, everything has a particular storage capacity so do Google Drive. For free account, Google provides total 15 GB free storage space shared between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Thus, most of the times users run out of space when it comes to store large amount of data.

In order to have more storage, a user can try two things. One is to buy more space from Google by subscribing its any of the plans. Or, you can migrate Google Drive to Google Drive to free up some of the storage. Everyone nowadays has two or more Google account so, they can easily move Google Drive to another Google Drive.

However, Google Drive to Google Drive Migration process is quite long and time-consuming so, try it only when you are actually running out of the space. Apart from this, it might be also possible that you want migrate data from one domain to another.

Nobody wants to pay only monthly basis for storage space so, how to perform Google Drive migration is the main question now. This is the reason here we will focus on all possible free methods to transfer Google Drive to Google Drive.

Free Methods to Perform Google Drive to Google Drive Migration

There are several manual approaches available that a user can try to migrate data from one Google Drive to another. But, before using them it is important to go through the points mentioned below:

  • There is no such inbuilt facility offered by Google to perform migration
  • If you have large amount of data, manual methods take lots of time as become a bit lengthy
  • The manual solutions do not preserve original formatting and folder structure intact

Manual 1: Using Share Option

If you want to move only small amount of data from Google Drive to another domain, this option is best for you. Now, to perform this manual, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in to your source Google Drive account
  • Here, select the data that you want to migrate to another Google Drive
  • Either right-click on the selected data and choose Share option or directly click on the Share icon.
  • Type the email address in the provided field and click on the Advance option
  • Here, you can grant permission as per your choice. For example, set Is Owner under Share Settings section
  • When you are done with all above instructions, click on the Send button.
  • To make sure, log in to the destination account Google Drive and move to Shared With Me folder. Here, you can see all your migrated data.

Note: It might not preserve the folder hierarchy as original.

Manual 2: Via Downloading and Uploading

Another possible way to move data from Google Drive to Google Drive is with the help of download and upload. A user can first download all data from source account and then upload it to the destination account.

How to Download Google Drive Data?

Now, to carry out it in a proper way, a user can download data in two ways:

  1. Direct Download
  2. Google Takeout

1. Download Google Drive Data Directly

  1. Log in to your Google Drive account and create a New Folder like ABC
  2. After that, simply move all required data that you want to migrate to that folder
  3. Now, right-click on the folder and choose Download option
  4. As you click on the Download option, the server will compress the folder into a single .zip file. When the process completed, you can easily unzip and extract them all.

2. Use Google Takeout to Download Data

In order to know the stepwise procedure, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your Google Drive account and move to
  2. As Google Takeout is opened, choose None button
  3. Now, move to Drive option by scrolling down the window
  4. Here, you need to choose the files or folders from your Google Drive that need to be moved
  5. Then, click on the Next button
  6. Select .zip as a file type >> Send download link via email option for Delivery Method
  7. Click on the Create Archive button and start the downloading process
  8. Now, move to your Google account where you get download link. Click on the received Download Link and save the ZIP file on any desired location on local machine

Tip: Download data before 56 days as the link gets expired after that.

How to Upload Data to Google Drive to another Google Drive?

After downloading all data from source Google Drive, its time to upload it to the destination Google Drive. In order to complete Google Drive to Google Drive Migration, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in to your destination Google Drive account
  • Then, click on New+ button and choose either File Upload or Folder Upload option depending upon your choice
  • Now, Browse the location of downloaded file and click Open to migrate Google Drive data.
  • Automated Tool – A Professional Way to Transfer Google Drive to Another Google Drive

    No doubt there are free solutions available that a user can try to move data from Google Drive to Google Drive. But, they are not reliable approaches in every possible scenarios. For example, they will not let you move Shared With me or Trash folder data, you will be unable to migrate permissions, Download & upload is time taking procedure, etc.

    At such point of time, switching to some professional solution will be an optimal choice. Google Drive Migrator Tool is the popular application to migrate Google Drive to Google Drive. It is capable to move all data in a single go without any trouble. Moreover, let you migrate permissions, shared with me folder, and trash folder to another account. In addition, you can perform Google Drive migration between domain and individual users account also.

    Furthermore, this tool has such easy steps that even a novice user can perform it with ease. All they have to do is to follow the steps sequentially in order to perform Google Drive to Google Migration effortlessly.

    Working Steps of The Tool

    Step 1: After installing the software, choose Source and Destination user accounts from the Setup window.

    Choose Source and Destination

    Step 2: After selecting, the admin user accounts, move forward to entering the details of G Suite as a Source. Please do validate in order to grant the access to the users.

    G suite

    Step 3: After completing the above steps, move to the Destination window. Here, fill the details for G Suite as the Destination. Provide the Admin details like Admin Email and Service Account.

    G Suite as destination

    Step 4: Now, import users from the User screen. After the list is displayed on the screen, you can prioritize them. Furthermore, click on Validate for authorizing the selected users.

    Validate users

    Step 5: Lastly, click on Start Migration to transfer Google Drive to Google Drive.

    Start Migration


    Migration on cloud is not an easy process at all so, when it comes to Google Drive to Google Drive Migration, users start looking for the best solution. Thus, this post will let users know how to move data from Google Drive to Google Drive in all possible manner. A user can have a look on all of them and choose the right one for them.