How to Recover Data After Formatting PC Windows 7

admin | October 31st, 2018 | How to, windows data recovery

People format data all the time. Sometimes just a drive or disk partition, other times the entire pc. The reasons may vary. It could be intentional, accidental or because of RAW storage. In any case, once the Windows PC is formatted, it can’t be undone. But what if you realized that you had important files in the system after formatting it? Then, how can you get back the files? How to recover data after formatting PC Windows 7? No need to panic! Here, we have introduced a reliable way to recover formatted PC files without any issues.

Can We Restore Files After Formatting PC?

Query: “Recently, I lost my laptop and so decided to use my husband’s old PC for my work. For this purpose, I formatted it yesterday to start using it afresh. But in a hurry, I forgot to move some of his important work files from the system before completely formatting it. The system has Windows 7 OS installed in it. So my question is how to recover data after formatting PC Windows 7? Is it possible to do so?”

Well answering the question if we could recover formatted PC data in Windows 7? Yes, we can. The simplest of solution is to have a complete backup of the system on an external drive. But when we think about it practically, the chances of carrying the backup of entire PC is neither feasible nor a common practice. So, maybe any manual solution to help? Well, to answer this question, let us get an overview o exactly what happens when we format the entire PC.

In simple terms, for users, formatting is the process of removing files from Windows. But for the PC, it is the process of creating a new file system so that files can be stored and performed operations upon by the Windows OS. What does this mean? This means that only the file system has changed and the data is still present on the PC system. But no manual way or workaround can even access the formatted data files once a new file system is in place.

So, how can we recover data after formatting a PC Windows 7? Since the file are not lost entirely, there is still a chance to restore the data with some powerful software application. The only catch is that those files should not be overwritten or damaged. That’s why it is advised not to use the PC anymore until a successful recovery of PC data is done.

How to Recover Data After Formatting PC Windows 7?

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software provides complete data recovery from any formatted Windows system. Its advanced set of algorithms scans the entire PC and restores bulk data while keeping data integrity intact. It is designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface which incorporates powerful features:

  1. Recover Data from any Corrupt or Formatted PC with Windows 7 and any other version.
  2. Restore bulk formatted files while preserving data integrity.
  3. Selective recovery of PC data with multiple Search filters.
  4. Supports file systems (FAT, exFAT, NTFS) to restore data from.
  5. Provides RAW Recovery from GPT, MBR partitions.

It is a 100% result-oriented tool which handles the lost data with extreme care in read-only mode. Thus, the data is not tampered with and retains its original formatting and attributes. Be it multimedia files or documents, the software’s recovery capabilities knows no bounds.

Steps on how can we recover data after formatting PC Windows 7

Step 1: Start the tool

Launch the software on your Windows 7 system. The list of all available devices on the system will be displayed along with multiple scanning options

Step 2: Scan the device

Choose the Formatted Scan button for the required device

Step 3: Scanning progress & Preview

The scanning process will start and all the formatted files and folders will appear on the interface

Step 4: Recover the file

You can choose to either export all/selective folders from the left panel folder tree or select individual files from the right panel. Click on Save, choose destination folder and that’s it. The query on how to recover data after formatting PC in Windows 7 is resolved for good.

Note: The tool also incorporates an advanced search mechanism by which you can easily search for files having same extensions as well as data within a set date range. Also, these search results can be easily exported without any issues.


Virus infection, OS corruption, and many more reasons may force someone to format their entire Windows system. Be it intentional or accidental, after formatting a PC, users may require some important data files which now is lost. So, exactly how to recover data after formatting PC in Windows 7? Due to the underlying process which happens when you format any system, no manual ways can recover any lost data. Therefore, we provided the perfect solution to this problem. With this effective tool, recovery of all kinds of formatted files is just a matter of clicks away from anyone.