Solution For IBM Lotus Notes File Already Exists Error

admin | November 23rd, 2018 | How to, Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes application is an Enterprise level email application it provides more security in communication, but sometimes user encountered many errors in Lotus Notes one such error is Lotus Notes error “File already exists”. Before discussing the IBM Lotus Notes file already exists error, causes of this error & solution for this error we have to consider the following user query –

User Query – “Today, When I start the Lotus Notes email application, I have got the error message from Lotus Notes ” File already exists”. I restarted the system & error was gone, but now every time I start Lotus Notes application I get Lotus Notes error file already exists. Can anyone tell me the solution of this error or something wrong with the Lotus Notes installation.”

Now, to resolve this error we have to know the root cause behind this error. Here we will explain causes & solution for Lotus Notes error “File already exists”.

What is Root Cause Behind Lotus Notes Error “File Already Exists”?

You are getting this error message because of bookmark.nsf file corrupted. This is a most important file of Lotus Notes it start working when you start Lotus Notes email application. Bookmarks in the Lotus Notes are the links which are pointing to the Lotus Notes applications, documents, views, web pages, newsgroups. You can not access this file because it is corrupted, Lotus Notes try to recreate a new bookmark.nsf but the file is already created in Lotus Notes so it throws file already exists error.

Corruption of perweb.nsf file (personal web navigator database file) you can get this IBM Lotus Notes file already exists error. The perweb.nsf file is used when you browse the web via Lotus Notes. Basically, it is a database file which is used to store web page cache which is previously accessed.

How to Fix IBM Lotus Notes File Already Exists Error?

Here we will explain how to fix this “file already exists” error. We try to fix this error by recreating new bookmark.nsf file. But first, you have to determine you are working as Roaming user or non- Roaming user. If you are working as Non-Roaming user then follow the given steps –

1 – Repair Bookmark.nsf File

Follow the given steps to rebuild corrupted bookmark.nsf file. Here we will provide the solution for Non-Roaming user and Roaming user.

For Non-Roaming Users

  1. First close Lotus Notes Email Application.
  2. Locate bookmark.nsf file from the directory.
  3. Rename bookmark.nsf file by bookmark.old file.
  4. Now start Lotus Notes email application, it will automatically recreate bookmark.nsf file with the help of bookmark.ntf file (NTF – Notes Template File).

For Roaming Users

Follow the given steps to rebuild bookmark.nsf if you are working as the Roaming user.

  1. Contact to the IBM administrator to temporarily disable the account as a Roaming user.
  2. Now you have followed the steps of “Non-Roaming user” – first close Lotus Notes, find the bookmark.nsf file, rename bookmark.nsf file to bookmark.old, and start Lotus Notes.
  3. Now contact to the administrator again to re-enable roaming user.

2 – Repair Perweb.nsf File

Preweb.nsf file is Personal web navigator database file, it is used to browse the web in Lotus Notes email application. If you are getting Lotus Notes file already exists error message due to corrupted perweb.nsf file then you have to recreate this file to fix this issue. Follow the given steps to create preweb.nsf file by using preweb50.ntf template file.

  1. Close Lotus Notes email application.
  2. You must have preweb50.ntf file in the Lotus Notes directory.
  3. Now, rename the existing preweb.nsf file as preweb.old.
  4. Now, run Lotus Notes email application.
  5. Now, change the current location document by making changes in the preferences to Lotus Notes and open web page in Lotus Notes. It will recreate preweb.nsf file.
  6. Now you have to make some changes in Lotus Notes web browser. In Notes browser, click on Action/ Internet option >> presentation page & set MIME to Rich text & HTML.
  7. Now, edit the current location document and change the browser to Lotus Notes with internet explorer and open the mail which was created file already exists error to open.

Recommendation – If you are still getting IBM Lotus Notes file already exists error and you want to switch from Lotus Notes then you can try Lotus Notes NSF to PST converter. It will help you to migrate into Outlook.


In this section, we explained all the possible solutions to resolve the Lotus Notes error file already exists. This error occurred due to corrupted bookmark.nsf and preweb.nsf file to fix IBM Lotus Notes “File Already Exists” error you have to rebuild these files.