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Make Large PDF File Smaller – Explore & Use The Best Techniques

It might be challenging to handle and exchange PDF files via email or other platforms if you don’t know how to reduce their size. You can make large PDF file smaller with the help of a few simple-to-use methods.

Through this informative blog, you can handle both regular and encrypted (password-protected) PDF files. Furthermore, the solutions we’re sharing with you allow you to reduce or shrink PDF size without sacrificing their quality.

So, without further ado, let’s understand the reasons and know how to compress the size of the PDF documents on your system.

Reason – Why a User Should Shrink Size of PDF File?

  • Speed of Transferring: We all have a finite amount of time. Therefore, there is no need to squander time uploading or downloading. The user experience can suffer as a result of the servers being significantly slowed down by a huge file. But for most people, sending and receiving emails with attached PDFs has become a regular habit. So, converting PDF files to a smaller size is the perfect way to share or send files easily; evidently, PDF file compression is the ideal solution for that.
  • Storage: In a paperless office where we promote using e-documents, we may be necessary to manage hundreds of PDFs. A single PDF won’t take up much space, of course. Even yet, having a lot of data takes up a lot of storage space, especially if archiving is a big part of your business. Applying PDF document compression creates an optimal solution to save storage space. Hence, user should make large PDF file smaller for better storage management.
  • Efficiency: The file size can be reduced with the aid of lossless compression without sacrificing the quality of the document. As a result, exchanging information is made simpler and it is convenient to browse PDF files on many platforms.

Manual Method to Optimize or Shrink Size of PDF File

Transporting and saving PDF documents could be problematic when dealing with large or multiple PDF files. So, to minimize the size of the PDF documents, we have explained a few solutions:

#1 Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to Make Large PDF File Smaller

  1. Launch the Adobe Acrobat and select the file to compress.
  2. Then press the Tools option and select Optimize>Open to access the PDF and compress.
  3. Now press the Reduce File Size and press the OK button.

#2. Cut Down the Size of PDF File Using Online PDF Compressor

  1. Go to any online free tool for compressing PDF files.
  2. Select or drag & drop the file to compress, the application itself will decrease the size of the file.
  3. Now, after the compression process, rename the file and download it.

Make Large PDF File Smaller By Using the Most prominent Method

Whether you’re trying to make your files smaller so they take up less space or reduce the load time of the document, using the PDF Toolbox can be a great solution as it quickly minimizes the size of the PDF documents. Moreover, this software provides the facility to extract PDF files. A two in one software which provides compression and data extraction solutions for normal and restricted PDF Files.

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Tool Working Steps Used to Trim Down the Size of Adobe PDF Files

  • Download and run the utility to make large PDF file smaller.

Make Large PDF File Smaller

  • Start adding the PDF files by using the Add Files or Add Folder. Set the destination to save PDF file(compressed one).

add PDF files to compress

  • Under the Compress options select Compress Images and use Advance Setting to cut down the size of PDF file having images.

applying settings to shrink file

  • After all settings are applied, hit the Start button to begin the process to make large PDF file smaller.

Make Large PDF File Smaller

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Sharing large PDF files becomes difficult, however, a compressed PDF file makes it easier to share or load. Though, some users find it tough to know the effective solution to Make Large PDF File Smaller. Hence, this blog explains some of the easy methods to shrink size of PDF file. Here, we have discussed the manual as well as the automated solution which reduces the time to cut down the size of the secured/normal PDF files.