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MS Word Found an Unreadable Content Error| Methods for Correcting this Error

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The error “MS Word Found an Unreadable Content Error” is frequently reported by users in various versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Let’s look at what we can do to address this issue.

The most common reason of the Word found unreadable content error is corruption, which will obviously vary in severity from file to file. As a result, different users have discovered different solutions for their faulty files that display this error message.

Word documents can occasionally contain mistakes. In this case, the software generates error messages informing consumers that something is amiss with their word document. “For example, “The file cannot be opened because the contents are corrupted,” means that the contents of the word file have become corrupted, and the software is unable to open it. The contents of the word file that cause the difficulty can include tables, graphics, headers, footers, or hyperlinks that were previously part of the word file. Removing these components may resolve the problem and allow you to open the word document. However, it isn’t that straightforward, and it doesn’t always work.

What are the Causes of MS Word Found an Unreadable Content Error?

MS Word rarely displays the “find unreadable content word” error notice. Users of the software are less likely to notice it. So, if you’re getting this error notice, there’s a good chance it’s due to a faulty Word file. The following are some of the reasons why word files can get corrupted, resulting in this error.

Macro Viruses: One of the most common causes of Word file corruption is macro viruses. They go after word files and destroy the information they contain. When you try to open the word file, the software generates this error notice because of the damaged contents.

MS Word Collapses: If MS Word hasn’t updated in a while, it’s prone to crashing. Over time, the program has a tendency to develop flaws. If they are not rectified as soon as possible, it will begin to affect the word files that are open with it.

Bad Sector Formation on a Local Hard Disk: If hard drives are not formatted on a regular basis, bad sectors can occur. Word files are particularly vulnerable to these faulty sections. If any word files are save on these faulty sectors, they will corrupted.

Improper Server Shutdown: Word file corruption is the most common cause of the “Microsoft word error word found unreadable content” error. If a word file was open when the machine was wrongly shut down, it could become corrupted.

Professionally Recommended Tool

It can be tough to repair Word files that have had difficulties with their contents. For restoring their content, none of the standard repair methods can apply. To fix “Word found unreadable content windows 10,” etc., you’ll need an excellent word file repair tool.
Unfortunately, there are only a few online tools that can execute this work. Even word file repair applications that claim to be able to rectify content flaws in word files occasionally fall short of their claims. However, all hope is not gone. Professional Software Word Recovery Tool is a Word file repair tool that has demonstrated the capacity to securely and efficiently correct all types of problem signals like ‘MS Word found an unreadable content error’.

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Working Instructions of MS Word Found an Unreadable Content Error

  • As you download and run Word Recovery Software, you will see the following screen.

home screen for MS Word Found an Unreadable Content Error

  • For a recovery technique to fix a Word File, Browse through the Word File(s), Folder, or Search within Drive.

Browse the file

  • In Rich Text Mode, you can Preview recovered Word document text with all of its formatting intact, or in Plain Text mode, you can see text without any formatting.

Preview Recovered Word Document for MS Word Found an Unreadable Content Error

  • Save the file to the location where the user wants to save the restored file.

Save file in destination path

Manual Technique for How to Fix Word Found Unreadable Content

You can use certain procedures in Windows OS to cure the “Word found unreadable content error” in the MS Word application, but you must not make any Text errors because otherwise you will not be able to correct it. Follow the steps outlined below:

Repair a Damaged Word Document by Opening it

If you can open the damaged document, follow the procedures below to force Word to fix it.

  1. Click Open > Browser on the File tab. Select the corrupted file you want to open in the Open dialogue box.
  2. Then click the arrow on the Open button, then on Open and Repair.
  3. Ascertain that fixing the document will resolve the issue. Check to see if the weird behavior has stopped. If the weird behavior continues, restart Windows before proceeding to step 3.

Using the Text Recovery Converter, Open the Text Recovery File

You may see one of the following error messages if the damaged document would not open: “MS Word found an unreadable content error. Do you wish to look for a converter that can open the file on the Microsoft Office Online website?” Follow these steps after downloading the OOXML Strict Converter for Office 2010 from Microsoft’s Download Center:

  1. Click File > Open after opening Word. After that, select Browse.
  2. Locate the file you’re attempting to open. Select the “Recover Text from Any File (*.*)” file type from the dropdown menu when you come to the file.

Using the “Recover Text from Any File” converter, there is a little amount of binary data text that is not transformed. Binary data text can be remove before saving as a Word document.

Final Words

In this article, I’ve discussed several methods for resolving the Microsoft word error word found unreadable content on your own. This mistake might undo all of your hard work and cause a delay in your project or other job. So, to recover data from an unreadable Word file, either user should first check whether any of the system’s plugins are preventing MS Word from opening the requested word file. You can also recover the text from the document using Word’s “recover any text option.” However, many times users are unable to recover lost files and must rely on the Word Recovery Tool to complete the task.