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Troubleshooting Outlook Calendar Disappeared Issue: A Proven Solution

Ashwani Tiwari ~ Published: 23-Aug-2021 ~ Outlook ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you’re looking for Outlook calendar disappeared, you’ve come to the right place. This is the guide for you! Many meetings, appointments, and events may not appear in Outlook at the same time if there are many on your Calendar.
Even reinstalling Outlook doesn’t help, since it fixes the problem for a few days, but then all the meetings disappear again. This article explains and resolve the query for missing calendar items in Outlook.

Before proceeding the topic that Outlook calendar disappeared, Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a part of the email platform that allows you to create and manage calendars, appointments, and events. It’s similar to a digital scheduler in that it keeps track of your schedules and engagements and, when necessary, sends out reminders. So in this it will be a big concern that calendar appointments not showing in Outlook.

Why aren’t Outlook Appointments not Showing on Calendar?

  • In general, both the mobile phone and the desktop version of Outlook are synchronize. So, if a person deletes an appointment on their phone by accident, it will appear on the desktop as well.
  • Outlook continually moves older data to keep the size of the data file as little as possible. If the appointments are older, they will be reschedule as well.
  • It’s possible that the user deleted appointments at random.
  • If you’ve enabled auto-archive, the items will be move to the archive folder after the specified number of days.
  • Third-party apps have been grant access to Outlook’s data.

Manual Approaches for Outlook Calendar Disappeared

Now we’ll look at several manual solutions to the problem of Calendar appointments not showing up in Outlook. Despite your greatest efforts, an inefficient, lengthy manual procedure may not yield the intended result. Please keep in mind that this is a high-risk endeavor.

1. Delete Items from Your Outlook Calendar

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • On the lower left, click the Calendar icon.
  • Select View > Change View > List from the drop-down menu.
  • To sort the Calendar meetings/events by oldest to newest, select the Start column.
  • Hold the Shift key on your keyboard while selecting the first item to delete from the list, then click the last item to delete. All of the items in the list will be select.
  • Alternatively, you can pick each item individually by holding down the Ctrl key. Check to see whether you’re eliminating any recurring things. Recurrence indicates this: (none).
  • On your keyboard, press the Delete key. You can also right-click and pick Delete from the menu.

2. Old Outlook Calendar Items can be Archived

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Upper-left corner has a file located.
  • To clean up old items, go to Tools > Clean Up Old Items.
  • Set the relevant Archive items older than date and the Archive file location in Calendar.
  • After that, click OK.

3. Recover Meeting Disappeared from Outlook Calendar using Inbox Repair Tool

  • To open Windows Explorer, press Win+E.
  • Follow the file path in the Windows Explorer window to the ScanPST.exe program under Outlook.
  • Pick Browse, then locate and select the Outlook/PST file that needs to be repair (and recover).
  • Press the Start button to begin the scan.
  • To complete the process, click Repair after the scan is complete.

4. Examine the Data Retention Policy

For the lost calendar in outlook, each item in the mailbox has its own retention policy. It also applies to the entries in the calendar. You should double-check the Administrator’s retention policy. Your calendar can be restored if the Recoverable Items Folder is set to “Delete and allow recovery.”

Automated Tool for Outlook Calendar Disappeared

The methods listed above indicate meeting disappeared from Outlook calendar, however they do not assist in the recovery of deleted items. Some issues with Outlook, such as corruption or abrupt deletion, might occur at any time. If Outlook displays any errors, you can identify the issue; however, many times, Outlook does not display any errors, therefore you must detect the indications of corruption. So for that there is Perfect Third-Party Outlook Deleted Items Recovery Tool which will resolve all the Outlook calendar disappeared issues.

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Following are the Steps After Installing the Software

1:- Start by going to Select All Programs>Outlook Deleted Items Recovery from the Start Menu.Home screen for Outlook calendar disappeared

2:- When you click the Add Files button, the “Add File” window appears, allowing you to select one of the option such as Select File / Search File. select file/search button

3:- To continue, click the Add button once the file is select. In Bold and Unbold Fonts, the software’s Left Panel displays existing folders in Source Outlook files.Bold and Unbold Fonts for Outlook calendar disappeared

4:- You can now see all of your folders and mailbox items. In the left side of the window, there are tabs for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Journal, and Folder list, which display individual OST file elements.Export Outlook File

5:- To migrate all OST file data items at once, use the Export Button. Click the “Advanced Settings” button after selecting the PDF radio button.

Note: You can export your data in a variety of formats, including PST, PDF, MSG, EML, HTML, and Office 365. For the demonstration, I’ve chosen the PDF optionAdvanced Settings button

6:- To save the PDF file, click the “Browse” button and then the “OK” button to navigate to the necessary target location folder.Browse button for Outlook calendar disappeared

7:- Click the Export button to save the previewed items in PDF file format. Once the export procedure is complete, the following message will appear, OK button should be selectexport procedure is completed

Wrapping Up for Outlook Calendar Disappeared

Calendar entries and emails lost in Outlook due to hard or soft deletion, as well as PST corruption. You can easily restore such data if they were accidentally – soft – deleted (within the standard 14 days retention period).

Using automated software, you can restore erased calendar entries. I previously discussed the world’s most advanced software for recovering Outlook meeting missing from organizers calendar. You can retrieve all of your appointments, events, meetings, and other entries with the aid of this software.