Steps to Recover Data from WD My Passport External Hard Drive

admin | November 1st, 2018 | How to

The “digital age” is taking its toll, especially in terms of space requirements, to store the numerous digital memories and important documents securely. The internal hard drive having large storage capacity is no longer cost the world. But the best backup media is External hard drive.

High-capacity external drives are fast and allow a large number of backed-up data to be stored in one place.

One of the big providers of such external backup solutions is Western Digital (WD). Western Digital has been in the hard drive business for 20 years, and the My Passport external storage solutions have an excellent reputation.

As a special feature, the external My Passport hard drives with WD Security offer the option of setting password protection and thus hardware encryption of all data. This securely protects all data stored on the hard disk from unauthorized access.

But Sometimes you need to recover data from WD My Passport external hard drive, incase of accidentall deletion of data or due to some corruption found in your files and folders in your hard disk. So here we will be discussing the best possible way to recover your data from My Passport external hard drive.

User Query – I used WD My Passport hard drive for 2 years. All my important media files are stored in it. A message of “The hard disk must format” shown when I connect it to my computer. Worse, I accidentally clicked “Yes.” And my hard drive get formatted and I lost around 500 photos and 200 videos files. The files are priceless for me. I want to recover all those photos and videos. Is there any way that can help me to recover data from WD My Passport external hard drive. ? Thanks in advance!

How to Recover Data from WD My Passport External Hard Drive? – Possible Solutions

  • First of all, Do not Panic if you have lost your data. Stay Calm and Check if the drive is still under warranty or not , if it is in the warranty then better get it replaced. They will restore all your data to newer one.
  • But what if it is not under warranty? If your hard drive is not under the warranty and you want to recover your data from it then try by taking out the drive of enclosure. WD elements doesn’t have any hardware encryption so you can easily access the data by hooking it to the SATA port on your system.
  • Note: Don’t try to create new partitions and save data to new drive

  • But what if you are looking for quick and reliable solution in which you can recover data from WD My Passport external hard drive instantly, then go for an professional approach ie Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. The software has an amazing features which supports to recover data from permanently deleted files and folders. It also recovers accidental formatted data files and able to perform complete recovery of Internal as well as external hard drive. How ?

Have a look on the following steps:

Download and Install Software –

  1. The software will give you two options for Scanning. One is Scan & other is Formatted Scan.
  2. Recover data from WD My Passport external hard drive by hitting at Scan option.
    Scanning process will get started and the software will view complete scanning report
  3. After scanning, the software will view all the folders in the left panel.
  4. The software will preview the complete deleted data highlighted in Red color
  5. If you want to save selected data, then Choose the particular file or Select all by hitting checkbox adjacent to Name, and Click Save
  6. Browse the location where you want to save your exported data and you will get a pop up saying ‘Export process completed successfully’.
  7. You can finally view your recovered files by going to the path location where you have saved your data.

So you successfully have recovered your accidental deleted data.

But what if you have formatted your disk drive mistakenly? The software gives you “Formatted Scan” option incase you formatted your files from the hard drive or the files are found to be corrupted. Look how :

  1. Click on the Formatted Scan option.
  2. You will get all the formatted scanned data. Search option is also provided if you want to find a particular file.
  3. Select the file and Save it at your desired location.

Highlighting Features of The Software

  1. Supports to recover FAT, ExFAT &NTFS file system
  2. Recover All Multimedia File items like video, music etc
  3. Recovery of data from GPT & MBR hard disk partitions
  4. Quick Recovery of data from IDE, EIDE &SATA devices
  5. Able to recover permanently deleted files & folders
  6. Supports RAW recovery of data from both Internal as well as external hard drive.
  7. Compatible with all Windows versions.


The blog discusses various possible solutions on How to recover data from WD My Passport external hard drive. If you have accidentally deleted your data or your data get formatted mistakenly the blog covers the best solution to recover data from it with 100% no data loss.