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Office 365 Merger Tool

Experts recommended software to merge Office 365 accounts, tenants, domains. The tool will merge emails, contacts, calendars & documents of two or more Office 365 tenants.

  • Merge Office 365 Accounts Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Documents Etc.
  • Provides Option to Map Source & Destination Tenant Users via CSV File
  • Date Filter Option to Merge Selective Data Items from Office 365 Mailbox
  • Merge Office 365 Mailboxes Data Within Same and Different Tenants Easily
  • Option to Set Priority to Combine Accounts Prior to Other User Accounts
  • Concurrent Option Enables You to Merge Multiple Office 365 Accounts Quickly
  • Office 365 Merge Tool OS Compatibility: Windows Server 2012, 2016, Windows 10
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Office 365 Merge Wizard - Features

Tool to Merge or Combine Office 365 Mailboxes, Accounts, Domains & Tenants

Merge Two Office 365 Tenants

Office 365 Tenant Merger is an immediate and hurdle-free solution to combine several Exchange online accounts, Tenants. The software is capable enough to shift any amount of data from source Office 365 account to the destination. Emails, contacts, calendars, and documents will be merged without any barrier.

Map & Merge Office 365 Accounts

This application provides an option to map all the mailboxes of end users for combining several Office 365 accounts, this software will join two Office 365 accounts of same or different domains. When clients are done with mapping, the software automatically starts authenticating each item. They will be able to lively track authentication process for the job accomplishment.

Add Account Credentials via CSV File

The Office 365 merge Tool provides a smart feature of ‘Import CSV’ to enter account credentials of the both the source and destination Office 365 profile. Customers are also provided with a sample CSV file, which helps them in learning the way that the software supports it. Simply create the CSV file and browse it in the tool.

Filter Based on Different Parameters

The Office 365 Merger software provides feature of combining two accounts based upon some specific filtering criterion. It offers date filtering feature in which users have to mention To-to-From date range. Along with this, customers can select only those O365 folders that they want to include in merging.

Retain Original Folder Structure

The Microsoft 365 merge tool helps users maintain the original folder hierarchy of the original account. It preserves the folder structure of your Office 365 mailbox and stores mailbox data in custom folders.

No Account Size Limitation

This is one of the top solutions that many tech-experts recommend to merge two Office 365 email accounts into one. Additionally, an administrator can add "n" Office 365 user mailboxes to combine each other. Users can easily migrate a large account without losing mailbox items.

No Office 365 Data Manipulation

It is 100% guaranteed that this software will not affect the data integrity while processing. At the time of merging two Office 365 accounts, mailboxes, domains, tenants, the tool extracts original data from source Office 365 account and puts that as it is in destination. No issue of data manipulation will be there with this product.

View Live Merging Process Status

The Office 365 Tenant merger utility provides feature of live data tracking at the time of combining Office 365 Tenants without PowerShell cmdlets. The software shows current status of merging process with technical attributes like Source Office 365 ID, target ID, total merged email numbers, process status, etc.

Office 365 Merge Tool – Specification

System Specification Required to Run This Tool and Merge Office 365 Accounts

  • Support: Windows Server 2012, 2016, Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Minimum 2.2GHz Processor is required
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of Free Hard Disk Space Required


  • Free demo edition of this tool will merge only two user accounts with entire data. To combile more than 2 account buy full version.
Product Details
  • Version: 5.8.0
  • File Size: 91.0 MB

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Office 365 Merge Tool - Reviews

Our User’s Review After Joining Two Microsoft 365 Tenants

Office 365 Merge Tool - FAQs

User’s Query Related Office 365 Tenant Merger Tool & Their Solution

“My organization has just acquired a small enterprise for some purpose. Both the firms are using Office 365 tenants therefore, I would like to combine smaller Office 365 accounts into the parent one. Can you please guide me with simple steps for this?”

A. Yes, you can take help of following guidelines for the same:

  1. Free Download and Open Office 365 Merge Tool
  2. Select Microsoft 365 as Source and Destination Platform
  3. Filter Workload Selection and Proceed Further
  4. Enter Source and Destination O365 Users into CSV File
  5. At last, Start Joining Two Office 365 User Accounts

“How will it be possible to plan combine two Office 365 tenants, which includes Exchange online services? I am really afraid of attempting this type of task because all this work on cloud. It seems that this tool is reliable for me so, can anyone suggest me that does this require any kind of technical knowledge or not?”

A. No technical knowledge is required to work with this utility. Our team have designed this application with such simplicity that things will be carried out in a seamless manner.

“I have upgraded the platform to Windows 10 and want to run this software on it. So, can anyone suggest me that will the same tool work on MS Windows 10 also or not?”

A. Yes, this application is a Windows-based that is compatible with Win 10. You can easily merge 2 Office 365 tenants, accounts, mailboxes.

“Instead of merging all the mailboxes of Office 365 accounts, I want to combine only the contact folders of my business and personal Office 365 account. Is it possible to attempt this task with your software or not?”

A. Yes, you just have to check the checkbox of Contacts folder only for this task. The software will not touch any other mailbox folder of Office 365 account, if you have uncheck their checkboxes.

“There are many Office 365 merger tools available in internet market. But, the problem with all of them is that they discard the messages that are having attachments within it. This is the biggest issue with me that my core emails comprise of attachments within them due to which those products are unreliable for me. So, I want to know that am I going to face the same with your tool also?”

A. Yes, our software supports those emails that are having attachments within it. It will not discard such messages, instead combine them in destination Office 365 tenant with the original file extension of email attachments.

A. Yes, this software will merge Mails, Contacts, Calendars, documents Outlook 365 (Office 365) two or more users account.