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Free viewer software to open the OLK file in multiple preview modes (Normal view, HEX, Properties, Message Header, MINE, etc.). The tool allows to view & read OLK14, OLK15message file.

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  • Software to open, view & read file OLK file emails, contacts, calendars
  • Multiple preview modes to view OLK14, OLK15message files with attachments
  • Allow to add Mac Outlook identity data (DMG file) without file size restriction
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Features of Freeware OLK Reader

Open, View and Read Mac OLK14Message Files on Windows Machine

Read olk14message with DMG File

OLK14Messagesource are Mac Outlook files and produced as backend data file. These files are application readable and users cannot open and view them easily. This is here OLK Viewer tool helps users. Using this tool, users able to open OLK files. It supports DMG extraction OLK file and enables users to read the data of OLK. To view a file, users need to select the File Option and browse DMG from the system. With this option, it becomes easy to explore OLK file by extracting an individual file.

Inbuilt Search Feature for OLK Files

The Free OLK explorer software allows users to view the OLK files using different options. They can view the files according to a particular date or date range, size of the file or folder, and subject. For large OLK files, there is an option to search the required OLK file. This inbuilt search option automatically locates and view OLK14Message file. This is helpful in making the task of users easy and quick.

Explore OLK File with Main Identity

The OLK opener software shows a message, the message source, or the associated attachment. As the matter of fact, that reading one file at once is a time consuming process. This may create inconvenience for users. Therefore, this software comes up with another feature to open and view OLK folder at a time. For this, users can opt for the Folder option and browse Main Identity Folder on the machine to view OLK files inside its sub-folders.

Option to Maintain Data Integrity

Data plays a very important role to maintain the continuity of the business. Users always concern about the security of their crucial data. This OLK file reader software has the potential to view Outlook 2011 OLK files in a safe manner. All the files as well as folder are safe in the panel of the software. The tool maintains the originality of the data throughout the whole process.

Supports Compressed DMG File

Another interesting feature of this olk14message viewer freeware is that it supports the compressed Disk Image File (.dmg). Users can even the view data in some simple clicks of compressed DMG files as well. In addition, there is no file size limitation associated with the application. With the help of this program, it is possible to view as many number of OLK files as the user required.

User-Interactive Interface

This is an advance technology with innovating thinking, but has a very simple interface. This means, any user whether have technical knowledge or not can run this utility to view OLK messages. All the filter options are available on the single panel of the OLK file viewer application making the procedure less complicated. This software is compatible Windows 10 & all below editions

System Specification

System Requirements by Free OLK Viewer Tool to Read olk14message File

  • Support: Windows 10 or any below version (32-bit or 64-bit) & All Below Versions.
  • Processor: 1 GHz Processor(2.4 GHz is recommended).
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM (1 GB is Recommended).
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of Free Hard Disk Space Required.
  • OLK14message viewer Tool Allow to Open & Read OLK Message
Product Details
  • Version: 4.0
  • File Size: 19.7 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions

User’s Query Related to olk14message Reader & Their Solution

“There are around 20 files I have in OLK format. However, I am unable to open in my machine. I do not know how to view these files. Therefore, can I read OLK files using this software?”

A. Yes, OLK files cannot be open without any application. However, with our software it is very easy to open and explore them.

“I have some OLK files within the DMG file in my system. Whenever I click that file I am receiving an error. I want to know why the software requires DMG files to view OLK file. Can I open this OLK file with the help of your software without any data loss?”

A. Yes, you can open OLK files which are stored in DMG file. DMG (Mac Disk Image) file is a container which is stored the OLK message files.

“Recently, while deleting some messages, I lost some OLK files as well. Those files are important and I need them now for some official work. I used the search option to locate them, but failed in that. Is using this olk14message viewer software can resolve my problem?”

A. Yes, there is a built in Search option available in the OLK file reader software, so it is possible to locate OLK files. After knowing the location you can read them as well.

“Last night I found some OLK15Message files. I tried to open them, but got an error message. Then, I used an application, but that also did not work. Now, can I view OLK15Message via this software?”

A. Yes, The application view & read OLK15Message and OLK14Message files. Therefore, you can use our software and can view both the files effortlessly.