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Get the Best Possible Methods to Add Watermark to PDF Adobe Files

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Anuraag Singh
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Published On August 29th, 2023
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If you want to promote consistent branding or make your document less likely to be stolen, you can add a watermark to your PDF. A watermark is an overlay element that appears on a document while still allowing the original content to be seen. Learn how to add watermark to PDF adobe to make your documents look more professional.

This article will show you how to put images or text marks using Adobe Acrobat and automated software and the steps of the 2 methods will be explained.

Why is it Required to Insert Watermark in Adobe PDF Files?

Regular PDF users might know about the watermark. However, for naïve users, the watermark is really important and it helps in different jobs.

  • Gives copyright security on particular file pages.
  • Allows broadcasting the monitoring.
  • Permit authentication to video.
  • Keep track of the source.

Users can add watermark to PDF Adobe like text, images, or logos. After understanding the requirement of applying a watermark to PDF files, let’s move on to the solutions for adding logos in PDF files.

Initially, It is required that the PDF file should be restriction-free or if the protection is there for a PDF file then it needs to be removed to perform the watermark-adding process.

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Insert Watermark in Adobe PDF By Using the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

  1. Firstly, on your system open the application Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and open the PDF files to add the watermark.
  2. Click the “Edit PDF” button, then press the “Watermark” and click on “Add”.
  3. Once you select the text or image logo, you can alter the appearance or position of the watermark. Also, select the page range to apply the watermark to a selected page range.
  4. Finally, preview and check the appearance of the added watermarks and click “OK” add watermark to PDF Adobe.

Limitation: Being a subscription-based application, the user will have to buy Adobe Acrobat Pro to execute the process. Those who are unable to this method can go for an alternative solution discussed below.

The user also gets the option to use the Online Free resources to put watermark on PDF files. However, it won’t work for secured PDF files. Also, in case of large PDF files or multiple PDF files we suggest using the automated solution which we have discussed below, as it makes the watermarking process easier when having multiple PDF files.

Alternative Solution to Successfully Add Watermark to PDF Adobe

For adding a watermark to large restricted PDF files. This can be done with the help of the PDF Watermark Adder Tool. It is one of the effective solutions as it DOES NOT require a permission password for owner-level secured PDFs.

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A user gets an option to insert watermarks on multiple file pages. This prevents data alteration or misuse. Moreover, the tool provides customization like changing colour, size, positioning, transparency, and place. When it comes to image watermarking, one can insert an image of any type i.e., JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. This application can be used on any Windows OS system.

Steps to Put Logos on PDF Documents Using the Software 

1: Initially, for adding a watermark to PDF download the tool and insert the files using the Add File/Folder option and click Next.

add watermark to PDF adobe

2: After the insertion step, type down the password for secured files or else continue the process. Set the location using the Change button and choose to save or print the watermarked PDF files.

setting the destination to save

3: Now select the watermark type to insert & enter all the necessary details.

choosing the type of watermark to add

3: After the settings are applied, use the Preview option to see the settings applied to view before generating.

previewing the settings applied

4: Once all checks are done, click the Generate button to add watermark to PDF Adobe.

add watermark to PDF adobe

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Everyone wants their vital data to be protected at any cost and that’s why people add watermark to PDF Adobe to avoid any kind of misuse. To double her data security, the user can also apply a password to her PDF file. This blog explains some ways to insert watermark in Adobe PDF. We have mentioned the complete steps to complete the watermarking task. Users can choose the suitable method to add logo to their PDF pages.


Q1. How to add watermark to PDF Adobe files?

There are some solutions like free online tools, using Adobe Acrobat. For secured PDF files, user can use the offline automated PDF software explained in this post.

Q2.  Can we use this tool on Mac OS?

NO, currently the tool is not available for Mac users but Windows users can download and use this tool easily.

Q3. Which version of Adobe is compatible with this utility

The utility is compatible with the Adobe version 11.0 and the older ones. The Adobe application must be installed.