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Use the Effective Methods to Compress Size of PDF Files

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Published On January 11th, 2023
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PDF is a file format which is a software and hardware-independent application used to store text, images, graphics, fonts etc. files digitally to share.  People use PDF file format for various things, the Adobe PDF application provides different features and functionalities to make it easier for people to manipulate and manage their PDF files. One such feature is available and mostly used to compress size of PDF files.

Why Does It Require to Decrease Size of PDF File?

PDF files generally carry large-size pdf files. It contains pictures, videos, and text data, also it contains multiple PDF pages or some other files included with a PDF file.

It does not have any file size restrictions. However, for saving space on the system, sometimes it requires to compress size of PDF files. Making larger PDF files smaller helps in sending, receiving, and downloading files easier. Compressing PDF file does not lower the quality but leaves/create some space.

Reduce Size of PDF Files – Points to Consider During File Compression

During the PD file compressing process, the following points must be kept into account: –

  • High Degree of Compression: PDF file Compression is executed to create some space on the drive. The degree of compression should be high so that during the file reduction, the user can take out a substantial amount of space in the drive.

         For instance, compressing a 100 MB file to an 80 MB file will not be of no use. Hence, it needs to increase the degree of compression to save significant space on the drive.

  • Should Not Lose Quality: During file size reduction time the data must not be compromised in terms of quality. The format, fonts and other existing properties should be maintained, and alteration of the image should not happen. Once, it gets changed becomes a waste. Thus, the PDF file that incorporates images, graphics or videos must be taken care of during the compression time.
  • Loss of Data Should Not Be There: When the user requires to compress size of PDF files. One thing that becomes a crucial point is the security of data or text in the PDF file. This need to be preserved when you will reduce size of PDF files. So, it requires complete attention to data while the compression process is going.

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Best Methods to Compress Size of PDF Files

  1. When it comes to finding the solution for how to compress PDF file size, users have the option to use the Free Online Tools which provide results and the duration of the output will be based on the size of the file. On uploading the files, it saves the file and later it can misapply. Moreover, these tools do have a size limit. Apart from this, some Online free applications ask for your personal details like email ID to get the compress PDF file.
  2. To compress size of PDF files in batches users can look for effective software which is reliable and completes the work in less time without compromising quality. Software like PDF Toolbox is an ideal solution which helps to decrease size of PDF file to the best of it without causing any inconvenience.

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How to Compress PDF File Size Using the Most Reliable Software?

    • Initially, the user will be required to Download the tool to reduce size of PDF files & choose the Compress option.

     compress size of pdf files

    • Now, use Add Files or Add Folder, then set/change the location to save the shrunken PDF file.

    indersting PDF files to shrink it

    • Choose any option like Compress ImagesAdvance Setting & Page. Use the advanced settings to decrease size of PDF file having images.

    use compress and advanced options

    • After applying the settings, press the Start button to begin the process to compress size of PDF files.

     compress size of pdf files

    • A confirmation message will be displayed, showing the completion of the process.

     compress size of pdf files

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With the help of the above-mentioned effective solution, users can simply reduce file size of PDF files. By using the professional solution the file remains secure and with no alteration to the PDFs. Other than this, users have another method (Online Free Tool) to compress size of pdf files. Both methods’ proper steps are mentioned. Explore the solution and choose the best and most effective one to reduce size of PDF files.