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Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed: Get the Best Solution Here

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Anuraag Singh
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Published On August 24th, 2023
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A Portable Document Format (PDF) file has the.pdf file extension. PDFs are commonly used to send read-only documents that preserve page layout. User manuals, eBooks, application forms, and scanned documents are just a few examples of documents that are regularly utilized with them. However, at times, while trying to extract any kind of data from PDF files users often notice this error “Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed”. 

So let’s know the reason and methods to solve this.

Reason Why Adobe PDF Page Extraction is Disabled?

When users download a PDF file, it’s possible that they’ll be restricted in some way and show Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed. This is a regular occurrence because everyone wishes to keep their files protected. They use security permissions to protect their sensitive information in PDF files, ensuring that it is safe from unauthorized access. However, while the security is good, page extraction is not possible due to PDF security settings. As a result, disabling security and enabling page extraction in PDF is required to allow page extraction in PDF. We described a simple solution in the next blog section. As a result, keep reading the blog.

Note: First we will help you in enable page extraction in PDF using a smart solution and then how to extract your pages.

Solving the Issue of the Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed

This problem can be solved with the DataHelp PDF Password Remover Tool. This program is handy to which helps to unlock and enable page extraction in PDF files. Additionally, it removes User-level password security from PDF documents, remove PDF security without password, unlocks PDF permissions to copy, edit, print, comment, and sign, and enables Text, Images, and Page Extraction or Document Assembly restrictions, and it does not require the installation of Adobe Acrobat.

1. Initially The tool must be downloaded and installed to resolve the Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed issue.

Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed

2. Insert PDF files by selecting Add File(s) / Add Folder to allow page extraction in PDF.

inserting secured PDF files

3. Depending on your needs, choose either Save or Print. Also, use the Change button to set the path for saving unlocked PDF files.

choose to save or print file

4. Now select the target folder and click the Unlock button to enable page extraction in PDF files.

Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed

5. Finally, the notification “PDF Files are Unlocked Successfully” appears.

Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed

All the PDF restrictions are now removed, so you won’t get the “remove Adobe PDF page extraction not allowed” issue anymore.
We will also guide you through the process of extracting PDF pages.

Approach 1:  Use Adobe Acrobat Professional On a PC or a Mac,

  1. To open the PDF document that you wish to extract, launch Adobe Acrobat Professional and click the Open button.
  2. On the left side of the Adobe Acrobat window, click the Pages tab. The PDF page is now shown as a thumbnail image.
  3. Set up your page by dragging the thumbnail pictures of the PDF pages you want to extract from the Page panel.
  4. Navigate to the Document menu and select the Page icon. Select the Extract Pages option after that.
  5. The PDF page range must now be set. You should input the correct page range if the page range shown in the Extract Pages window is incorrect.
  6. If you wish to get rid of the extracted pages from the original document after they’ve been extracted then the “Delete Pages After Extracting” checkbox must be selected. If you want to save the extracted file as a separate file, choose the checkbox next to Extract Pages As Separated Files.
  7. To extract the desired pages, click OK.

Note: Users can also resolve the Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed issue by utilizing Adobe Acrobat Pro. However, having the complete version is require.

Approach 2: Launch on the Macintosh

  1. Click the Thumbnail button in the document whose pages you want to extract.
  2. If you have multiple pages that you want to combine into a single file, drag them together. Alternatively, you can pick all the pages you want to extract by pressing Shift + Click.
  3. If you’ve already picked the pages you wish to print, click “Select Pages” in the sidebar.
  4. Click the PDF button in the bottom left of the print dialogue, then pick “Save as PDF.”
  5. Finally, go to the location where you want to save the file, name it, and save it.

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Last Words

We’ve talked about the problem of “Adobe PDF Page Extraction Not Allowed” in this blog, as well as the reasons for it. We’ve also included the best way to efficiently enable page extraction in PDF. Users can apply any approach for PDF file page extraction after utilizing the automated program mentioned in this blog.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1: What are the most effective ways to allow page extraction in PDF?

You have the option to use Adobe Acrobat Pro or use Offline automated software that we have covered in this blog.

Q2: How can I enable page extraction in PDF using this tool?

Simply insert the PDF files that are restricted and hit the Unlock button that removes all types of restrictions applied and you get to extract the required pages easily.

Q3: Is the software available for Mac OS?

Yes, the tool can used in Mac OS for PDF page extraction