How Can I Backup Google Drive to OneDrive Without Data Loss?

Jason Florek | Modified: 2020-05-18T17:38:03+05:30 | migration

Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are the hottest public cloud storage services out there. They provide customers with a reasonable amount of free space before they have to pay incremental amounts to increase the number of files and folders they can store in the cloud. Although both have evolved to meet the needs of both business users and customers, there are still big differences between these two vendors because of the variety of support levels, pricing, features. After considering the perks of OneDrive, a large amount of users are finding ways to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive account. In the aforesaid blog, we will explain the best manual and automated methods that can be used easily and effortlessly to back up Google Drive to OneDrive.

Why to Backup Google Drive to OneDrive?

  • The ability of OneDrive for cross-platform synchronization
  • The applications contained by the Microsoft Office are only desktop-based whereas Google drive is entirely browser-based
  • OneDrive is more beneficial for commercial purposes
  • The office maintains a privacy policy of not scanning or providing private data to the third parties
  • OneDrive from Microsoft offers multiple subscription plans
  • Microsoft Office is more familiar to users than Google

Methods to Backup Google Drive to OneDrive

There are several methods available to help you efficiently back up Google Drive data to OneDrive. Using these simple methods you can easily export Google Drive data to OneDrive. If you are looking for easy, quick and reliable solution then, you are absolutely on the right page.

Quick & Best Approach to Backup Google Drive Data into OneDrive

An automated tool is an expert solution that allows the users to back up G Drive data to OneDrive account by following the easy steps. It renders a reliable and efficient solution without causing any data losses.

Additional Features of This Software are listed below:

  • Efficiently save Google drive documents to OneDrive for Business.
  • Provides the facility to backup password-protected documents easily.
  • Facilitates 3 different permissions types like Read, Write & Comment to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive.
  • Renders options to modify default permission while moving files or documents.
  • One can also apply the date-range filters throughout data conversion without any risk.
  • Software supports all versions of Windows Operating System.

Quickly Backup Google Drive to OneDrive

Step 1: Install and run the tool to backup documents from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Download Purchase Software

Step 2: From the Workload selection, select “Document


Step 3: Apply Date filter and provide permission for User Group Mapping.

Apply Filters

Step 4: Provide details for “G Suite as a Source“. Validate to provide permissions.

G Suite as a source

Step 5: Similarly, provide details for Office 365 as the destination. Hit on Validate. After that, click on Next.

Office 365 as destination

Step 6: Now, fetch the users by moving on to the Users screen.

Fetch Users

Step 7: After this, the user list will be shown on the software interface. You can set the priority to the users.


Step 8: After selecting the users, validate them. Click on Start Migration to begin the migration process.

Begin Migration

Techniques To Backup Files From Google Drive to OneDrive Manually

There are two manual methods in order to perform this task. In the section below, we have mentioned the complete guide.

#Manual 1: Export G Drive Files to OneDrive One by One

Before exporting Google Drive documents to OneDrive, users must download all files from Google Drive. The users now have to upload the downloaded files to OneDrive. Follow the below-written steps to back up Google Drive on OneDrive:

  1. Firstly, you have to open a Google browser and log in to your Google Drive and OneDrive account simultaneously.
  2. Select My Drive option from the Google Drive page and then further choose the required files. Also, download the necessary files into your system to move documents from Google Drive to OneDrive.
  3. Go the File option, click New and select Create a new folder. Now, select the downloaded files from G Drive and click the Open button.

#Manual 2: Backup from G Drive to OneDrive At Once

Carefully follow the instructions to export files from Google Drive to OneDrive instantly:

  1. You have to sign in to Google account with respective credentials.
  2. Secondly, click Select All option and make sure that you have enabled Drive option. Press the Next button.
  3. After skipping the delivery method menu, you must select the Add to OneDrive option and click on the Link account and create an archive file to back up Google Drive on OneDrive. Finally, log in to your OneDrive account and all Google Drive files will now be successfully added to your OneDrive account.

Limitations of the Manual Method

The major drawback of the manual method is that it takes a long time without any certainty that your data will be exported successfully. Once any interruption occurs while executing the task to save documents from Google Drive to OneDrive then, your data will be permanently lost. The user must be familiar with the procedure.

Concluding Lines

We have discussed both the manual and automated in the blog mentioned above, to backup Google Drive to OneDrive. The manual method can be only performed if you have fewer files and reliable internet connectivity that will not leave you in between. Because if the process to export Google drive data to OneDrive is interrupted, your data will be lost. So, choose wisely!