Know How to Delete Yahoo Emails in Bulk Easily

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In this blog, we would find out about the strategies to delete Yahoo emails in bulk, the significance of deletion, and the requirement for a backup.

Yahoo Mail is a notable cloud-based web application.

Because of its broad use by users at an expert and individual level, the storage of emails in the inbox folder gets full. For this situation, we can isolate the emails into various folders as indicated by the reason. Additionally, we can delete those emails which are not all that significant.

If we have a large number of emails in our inbox, at that point we can delete some of them which are not all that required.

In this way, in the upcoming sections, we will discuss the techniques to delete Yahoo emails in bulk. However, prior to continuing further, let us know the significance of the deletion of Yahoo Mail emails.

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Why Delete Emails from Yahoo Mail

  • Deletion of unwanted files, attachments, or emails prompts the accessibility of extra space.
  • The composing and receiving of emails will work appropriately
  • It is simpler to sort out and search the important emails

Manual Method – Delete Yahoo Emails in Bulk

  1. To begin with, open Yahoo mail in the internet browser. This has appeared below:
  2. Presently, click on the drop-down list. Among the given options, select ‘All’ to delete all the emails which are showed up on the screen.
  3. Additionally, uncheck the emails which you need not remove.
  4. Presently, pick the alternative ‘Delete’ which will delete emails.

The limitations of such strategy are if you have important emails, you need to look down, select the emails and afterward delete them. This takes a more drawn out time as the task will continues getting rehashed till the deletion happens effectively.

Likewise, it is consistently important to keep a backup of the emails so that in the midst of hardship we can recover them without any problem. Along these lines, we suggest backup your emails first and afterward delete all emails.

Importance of Backup

  • It would assist us with recovering the data from the objective folder as and when required
  • If there should arise an occurrence of data loss on an email account, our file would stay unaffected because of its backup
  • When the backup of the data is taken at that point, it is simpler to change over it into an alternate format according to the prerequisite

Remembering the significance of having a backup, Yahoo gives us the component of making a file. In the event that we need to delete a great many emails from Yahoo, at that point we can do it without deleting the data forever. Yahoo mail accordingly gives us a single tick choice to proficiently store the emails into the document folder and afterward deleting all the inbox emails.

Step by Step Process to Archive Emails

  1. Open Yahoo mail in the internet browser.
  2. Bring the PC mouse over the ‘Inbox’ on the left and click on the drop-down bolt.
  3. Presently, pick ‘Clean your Inbox’. This has been appeared beneath
  4. In the pop-up window. Here, click on Archive emails. This would acquire all the emails in the file folder and delete all the Inbox emails.
  5. In any case, archiving emails take some time but it will effectively archive emails.

The limitation of such a technique is that the file folder will archive in mailbox folders. Along these lines, if the mail account gets hacked or the emails get corrupt at that point, it gets more important to recover the data.

For this situation, the best way to delete Yahoo emails in bulk is by using Yahoo Mail Email Backup Tool.

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It Provides the Following Advanced Features

  • Backup in different formats; PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, and PDF
  • Download emails to PC/hard drive
  • Apply email filter by date
  • Download all the Yahoo emails with all attachments
  • Keep up folder hierarchy of the email folders
  • Delete after download option to delete Yahoo all emails simultaneously

Working of this Tool

  1. Download, Install and Execute Yahoo Mail Backup Tool
  2. Enter Email id and password to login Yahoo account
  3. Thereafter, pick the ideal file format to backup emails
  4. At that point, click Delete After Download to delete emails in bulk from Yahoo
  5. At last, browse the location and click the Start button


In the above lines, we have perceived the three modes to delete Yahoo emails in bulk in manual and automated methods. We have seen that the manual deletions take a more drawn out time and don’t give us a high-level feature like filter by date or folders.

Additionally, Yahoo doesn’t give a backup office on the PC/hard drive. Along these lines, considering we suggest picking the choice carefully that would save your time and complete our task in a more productive and powerful way.