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Learn Best Tricks to Enable Commenting in PDF Documents

Adding annotations, such as sticky notes and text, to a PDF document when you are reviewing it and need to mark up the content that has to be changed, may be crucial. Nevertheless, adding comments to a PDF Document might be difficult. Especially if it is encrypted because PDF files are made for simple sharing but not modification. Because of this, we have written this post to assist you in turning on PDF comments or enable commenting in PDF files.

The most used format for storing and/or sharing data worldwide is PDF. There are numerous justifications for doing so. The most fundamental benefit is that it permits editing and annotation of PDF files, allowing any member of a team to add comments to the PDF in order to communicate their ideas to others. By adding notes to the PDF files that students submitted, teachers can make corrections to their papers if necessary.

A comment in a file is essentially a line of text added to annotate the particular information, however, you may actually add many types of comments to a PDF. The following are only a few examples of the types of comments in PDF:

  • Text
  • Sticky notes
  • Shapes with notes
  • Lines with notes

Enable Commenting in PDF With the Help of Adobe Acrobat:

Use the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your PC and follow the stepwise guide mentioned here to insert or add the remarks/comments to a PDF file.

Step 1. Go to the Tool menu and select the “comment” option, then choose the “Add Comment” Option given on the top. 

Step 2. Now add the PDF file to add sticky notes or comment on.

Step 3. Once you start adding comments, all the entered comments will be shown on the left pane.

Step 4. Once the process of adding a comment is done next, click on “File” > “Save” to save the commented file on the system. 

Well, here user will not be able to add comments to a secured PDF. People will need to first unlock the file and then in the second phase, they will have to start adding the annotations or sticky notes to the file. 

Apart from this, at the time users can only insert comments in a single file. To do the same task on multiple or secured files then the user can try the automated software.

Using the Effective Solution to Enable Commenting in PDF Documents

To add comments in PDF files which are secured and are large in size. They can consider this PDF File Restriction Remover Tool. With this utility, a user can easily remove restrictions and add comments to a secured PDF. As per the technical experts, it is the most ideal solution to remove/unlock restrictions like copying, commenting, extracting and printing text and also helps to enable editing in PDF documents. A user can follow these steps to enable commenting in PDF by removing restrictions. Moreover, the user can add comments to multiple PDF file with the help of this software on either Windows or Mac OS.

1: Initially, download and run it on the local machine. 

enable commenting in PDF 

2: Then start inserting the PDF files by using the Add Files option for adding stick notes or comments. Choose to Save or Print option.

adding PDF files to unlock

3: Click on the Change button for setting the destination folder path to save the file. 

setting the location to save files

4: Preview all the files added and hit the Unlock button to unlock the files to start adding comments on them.

enable commenting in PDF 

Any Free Solution to Enable Commenting in PDF Instantly?    

Other than using the manual method, one can also use the online free tool by Adobe which provides the facility to insert comments. Just search this “Online tool to add comment in PDF files” on Google. Select the tool by Adobe, upload the file and choose to add a comment, highlight the text or underline the words or sentences. After the completion click the Download option to save the file with the comments locally.

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Thanks to PDF editors, adding comments to a PDF file is now simpler than ever. Unfortunately, not all PDF editing toolkits have this capability. So you must look for one that is the ideal match for the job. Here we have talked about some working methods (Manual and Automated) that can be used to enable commenting in PDF. Choose one of them, then follow the instructions to add a comment to a PDF.