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Explore the Best Solution to Export Google Calendar to iCalendar

Ashwani Tiwari ~ Modified: 02-Jun-2022 ~ File Converter, General ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Multiple users want to export Google Calendar to iCalendar as there is no conventional method available. So, here we have discussed the effective solution to Convert ICS files to iCal files. Moreover, we have explained the guided steps that will surely help users to accomplish their tasks by using an automated tool.

We have seen that there are several users who are looking for a solution to export Google Calendar to iCalendar. Based on multiple reasons, users do search a lot for a solution but fails to find it. As there is no manual process available on the internet. However, we are here to help users and make it easier for them to accomplish the process.

Initially, it is important to understand both the file formats in brief. As prior knowledge helps in understanding and performing the task easily. 

Brief Introduction to ICS and iCal formats

ICS is a common file format which is almost used by all known Calendar applications like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar. Mostly the office employees and business personalities use this to add event details. And this ICS file is used to share Calendar data over the internet via email. On the other, when we talk about the iCal format, it is one of the Calendar file formats that has been used commonly to share Calendar events.

In general, people use the ICS file format to share their event details. However, there are some users who do not use ICS. Because they might be using other email platforms which only use/accept iCal as a file format. And at this stage, it becomes an issue, because when a user downloads the Calendar file from Google. It saves in .ics format and there is no other manual solution available to export into an iCal format. Hence to convert Google Calendar to iCal, the user will require a professional tool that can perform the task to export ICS files to iCal files.

User Query: I have received my events and meeting details for this month, but I got it in the.ICS format and when I try to open it in my Mac system it is not opening, later I came to know that it needs to be converted to iCal format. So, now I am looking for a way to export Google Calendar to iCalendar. I will be grateful if anyone shares the solution for this.

Quick Steps to Convert Google Calendar to iCal

  1. Run the tool to export Google Calendar to iCalendar.
  2. Add the ICS files to the tool.
  3. Select the iCal format as the destination.
  4. Set the destination path to save the resultant iCal files.
  5. Get the Output .ical file.

Exploring the Pre-Eminent Method to Export Google Calendar to iCalendar

Now, we know that a user can download Google Calendar data in their system and view it in .ics format. However, if they want to share the same data with the user who uses the iCal format to view the Calendar data. Then it becomes an important task to convert it into iCal format and here the users can easily accomplish this by using the Software to convert ICS Files. Which is capable enough to convert Google Calendar to iCal, PST, MSG, HTML, PDF, TXT, and CSV file format on Mac OS.  

Guided steps to use this tool to Export Google Calendar to iCalendar

Below mentioned are the steps to use this tool for converting .ics files to .ical file format. follow the steps sequentially.

  • Download and Install the tool in the Mac OS system.

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 export google calendar to icalendar

  • Now select the Add files or Folders to load the ICS file.

 export google calendar to icalendar

  • Then, select the Export type option as iCal file format from the given list. Also, mark the Maintain Folder Hierarchy. 

selecting the file format to convert in

  • In the next step, under Advance Settings>> General Settings tab, use the Naming Convention and apply the Date filters if required.

applying Advance settings

  • Now, enter the destination path to save the converted iCal file by hitting on the Change button. USer can also create a new folder by pressing the New Folder button.  

set up destination to store files

  • Finally, hit on the Export button to start the process to export Google Calendar to iCalendar.

export process begins


Using this solution by following these steps, the user will be able to convert not a single but multiple .ics files to .ical files without losing any data.   

Highlighted Features of ICS(Google Calendar) to iCal Converter Tool

  • There is no file size limitation for converting ICS files.
  • Maintains the folder structure after exporting Google calendar (.ics format) to .ical format.
  • This powerful tool can convert Single/multiple(Batch) files or folders at once.
  • It also supports making Unicode PST after it converts it into .ical format.
  • Advance features like Naming Convention and Date filter options are available for users. 
  • Provides a Dual Conversion option to export selective files or folders.

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In this informative article, we have explained the quick solution that can be used to export Google Calendar to iCalendar. Downloading the Google Calendar file in the local system is easy. However, converting the ICS file into iCal is not possible. So we have explained an effective yet quick method to make this task posing with the help of professional software. With a few clicks and the user can open calendar data in .ical format