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Know the Best Techniques to Extract Bookmarks From PDF Files

Published By Anuraag Singh
Anuraag Singh
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Published On March 1st, 2023
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There are several helpful features and facilities  to manage and manipulate PDF files while utilising Adobe PDF. A digital document format for data and information management. In PDF, there is a bookmark function that enables users to highlight important pages. This makes it easier for users to save the most important pages of a document as bookmarks and quickly discover those pages when a large PDF file is viewed. Nonetheless, some people start to worry how we can extract bookmarks from PDF files when it comes to extracting those bookmarked pages.

Well, if you are a frequent Adobe PDF user and looking for a solution to export PDF bookmarks to another PDF file. Then keep reading this post as it explains the solution using some methods that can be used.

Why Does it Require to Extract Bookmarks From PDF Adobe?

  • Inclusion of some specific pages into other multiple files.
  • Taking out the marked pages from PDF files to present in front of legal agencies as an evidence.
  • Remove the marked pages (irrelevent page) to lower the size of the file. 
  • To save time when accessing the required pages from large PDF files

There are several techniques that can be used to execute the extraction of bookmarked pages. Below are some methods which are useful and effective ones:

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 Extract bookmarks from PDF – Using Adobe Acrobat

Using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro opens the access to several facilities, bookmark feature is also included. By using this application one can bookmark and export them to other files. User should also keep n mind that they should have the PDF file without restriction. If the file has the protection then they have to unlock and then move to the extraction process. 

Lets see how we can use this application to export PDF bookmarks to another PDF

  1. launch the application and select the File>Open and choose the pdf files that have bookmarks.
  2. Now choose the Plug-Ins option and select Bookmark> Export and select the foramt in which to want to export & save.
  3. In next a window will open make the export option selection and press Ok button.
  4. Now choose to either Save the file or Load from the file. Check all the files added and press the OK button to extract bookmarks from multiple PDF files.

Most Effective Technique to Export Several Marked PDF Pages – Automated Method  

User extracting bookmarked pages from a single/small file is easier. However, it becomes stressful task to apply the same process for multiple/large  PDF files. Hence, it is a good practice to consider a professional PDF File Extractor Software which is capable of extracting text, images Comments, Portfolios/Attachments, Hyperlinks, and Metadata from PDF files. Also, it can simply extract PDF pages without acrobat Moreover, this utility is capable of applying the extraction process on protected PDF files.

Extracting Bookmarked PDF Pages Using the Tool – Steps Explained

Download and launch the tool and Add Files/Folders.

extract bookmarks from PDF

After file selection is made click the Change option to set the location to save file.

setting the saving polcation path

Click the Extract tab and select the Bookmark, then apply the settings.

applying settings

Lastly, click the Extract button to extract bookmarks from PDF.

extract bookmarks from PDF

By using this utility one can easily be able to execute the process of extracting bookmarked pages from multiple PDF files. Be it a normal PDF file or the secured one this tool can simply crack through it and generate the expected results.

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When we discuss book marking PDF documents. It becomes a simple procedure, but removing those pages is challenging. Well, we’ve covered a few reliable and practical methods to extract bookmarks from PDF files. Below, we’ve outlined the procedures that users can utilise to apply for precise outcomes.