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Use Quick Methods to Split PDF Into Multiple Files

Companies from a variety of industries view PDFs as standard and mostly used document formats. For a variety of reasons, such as delivering smaller files or removing specific pieces of data, people who develop marketing materials, paperwork, advertisements, and many other textual and visual materials may need to split pdf into multiple files. Hence through this informative post, we will be explaining to you the best and most effective solutions for breaking PDF files into different files.

Let’s see what useful methods can help users simply split up files.

1# Split PDF Into Multiple Files – [Using Chrome Browser]

You get an option to split up your PDF file pages using Google Chrome:

  1. Search down your PDF file and right-click, then select Open with Chrome.
  2. Once the file opens on Chrome press the print icon within the PDF on the browser window.
  3. Now, hit the “Save as PDF”. Then click “Custom” from the pages drop-down.
  4. Fill the blank section with the page numbers that you want to print, using commas. Page range (2-8) can also be used to divide PDF documents.
  5. Then, finally, rename split files and store them in your system.

2# Separate Pages in a PDF File Using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is a professional application that people use to read, manage and manipulate PDF. To split PDF into multiple files using this method:

  • Once you open the PDF file, use the “Tools” option, then choose “Organize pages” from the tool’s menu.
  • Now, hit the “Split Document“option.
  • Then type the number of pages or maximum by which you want to separate PDF into different files.
  • Finally, hit “OK” to cut PDF pages. Rename divided files and save them.

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Use The Short & Simple Method To Split PDF Into Multiple Files (Offline Tool)

Above mentioned solutions are useful for small and normal PDF files, Though multiple times a user has to load and split files as it separates a file at a time. So, to cut multiple files into specific sizes, users can go with the Adobe PDF File Splitter Software.

The software provides a Free Software Solution (Trial Mode), through which a user can test the utility and see how it actually works and can explore the available facilities. So, go and try out the tool and based on user satisfaction they can purchase the full version of this tool.

Note – Basic features will be available on the Demo version, shift to the Full version to unlock all the features.

Some Highlighted Features of the Utility   

There are multiple features that this software enables for users to Separate PDF into different files in an efficient manner.

  • Allows to divide Batch PDF files for faster processing.
  • PDF splitting in normal or Encrypted/Secured PDF is supported.
  • Have 6 different ways to break Adobe PDF documents .
  • Options to split PDF by Range, Page Numbers, Size, Even/Odd or Each.
  • No such restriction applied to File size to insert and split.
  • Does not compromise with File formatting during and after the process.
  • Supports Windows 11 and below versions, Mac OS X versions and is compatible with all Adobe versions.

Quick Steps Explained to Divide Large/Multiple PDF Files

  • For an easy splitting solution, download the utility to split/cut PDF pages from different files.

split PDF into multiple files

  • Select the split option and use ‘Add File(s)/Folder(s)’ to load the PDF files.

inserting files to split them

  • By using the Split option  devide multiple files by PageRange, Even/Odd Pages, By Size (MB), Each Page etc.

apply page splitting options

  • With the help of the Change button set the location to save the split files.

setting destination to save files

  • Now, after applying the above steps successfully, press the Split button to split PDF into multiple files.

split PDF into multiple files

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Enhancement in technology is generating numerous options for people to explore and select the ideal solution to split PDF into multiple files. We have mentioned some manual solutions with some limitations associated with them. Moreover, for a quick splitting process, we have explained an automated tool which makes the task easier. So, go through the methods and choose the best one.