How Can I Copy Data from Google Drive to OneDrive?

Jason Florek | October 21st, 2019 | General, migration

In this article, we will know the need to copy data from Google Drive to OneDrive for Business account, and will also discuss the manual & automated solutions.

It has already grabbed our attention that many users are looking for ways to copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive. Cloud data backup & migration is not an unfamiliar concept anymore. With a growing number of cloud service providers, users enjoy more freedom to switch to the provider that suits their requirements best. However, migrating G Drive to SkyDrive is a prominent concern of the cloud service users. Therefore, the write-up will focus on the techniques to migrate files from Google Drive to OneDrive for business. First of all, we will go through the reasons behind this migration process followed by a user query.

Reasons Behind Copying Data from Google Drive to OneDrive

There are several reasons because of which users are switching from Google Drive to OneDrive. Few of them are listed below:

  1. Free Cloud Storage: OneDrive offers 15GB free storage space and a chance to earn more free storage through incentive by referral.
  2. Mobile application: It is not a desktop application but can be used anywhere.
  3. Data loss protection: OneDrive supports SSL encryption to export google Drive files to OneDrive, and two-factor authentication is available as an option.
  4. Windows and Mac Compatibility: Compatible with Windows and Mac, so it is more demanding for users.
  5. Manageable: Users can store any type of data on OneDrive, be it photos, videos, or documents, and easily access them from any Windows computer or mobile device.

User Query – How do I Export Google Drive files to OneDrive?


Our company is looking soon for ways to copy data from Google Drive to OneDrive and this task has been assigned to me.

Our top priority is moving all our files in G Drive (little over 1 TB) over to OneDrive. We need this done as soon as possible because other things depend on its completion. All other things, like emails, can follow later.

I’ve been introduced to different Microsoft Partners for migration help, but my managing team needs faster migration than what the partners can offer. Please help!

The Instant Technique to Copy Files From Google Drive to OneDrive

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There are different ways to backup Google Drive files to OneDrive account. Here, we will discuss multiple approaches by which users can perform G Drive to OneDrive migration.

This Google Drive to OneDrive Migrator is the best utility to perform the migration. It is a fast and reliable technique for transferring Google Drive to OneDrive. As discussed in the above query, you must opt for an automated solution in order to move your G Drive data to OneDrive. This is because native methods cannot perform the migration of this huge method.

Additional Perks of the Automated Tool

  • Easily move data from Google Drive to OneDrive account.
  • Allows selective or complete migration of Google Drive files to OneDrive
  • Maintains folder hierarchy Intact after migration
  • Pause/resume option available in the on-going migration process
  • Renders complete migration report
  • The Data Export is based on Date or File Type
  • Compatible with all the Windows versions.

Manual Workarounds to Copy Data From Google Drive to OneDrive

#1 Download and Upload

The most ancient method to copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive is to download them to your hard drive and then upload them to SkyDrive.

#2 Share Limited Files to OneDrive Account

The Share Cloud Drives feature lets you share files from Google Drive to OneDrive. Regardless of whether you share target files one by one or at a time in a folder, you must go to the “Shared with me” folder and copy the target file to another folder. Then, rename the target files one by one to keep them permanently.

#3 Archive Google Drive to OneDrive

1. Sign in to your Google account and enter the Takeout link

2. From “Download your data”, select your data to include and them check whether Drive is enabled or not. Click Next

3. Now, under the delivery method, select “Add to OneDrive”

4. Click and select link account and create an archive to connect your account and now you can easily export Google Drive files to OneDrive

Limitations of the Manual Method

The manual methods covered above are a lot complex and are time-consuming. The reason behind this is the size of the files and the internet speed. In addition, once the G drive to OneDrive migration process is interrupted due to a power outage or Internet connectivity or any other reason, then, it can not be resumed. This leads to a loss of data. Copy files from Google Drive to OneDrive is a long and laborious task and the user must have the optimal knowledge of the procedure.

Let’s Sum Up

In the aforesaid article, we have mentioned both the automated and native approach to copy data from Google Drive to OneDrive. The native method is successful only if you have files of small sizes. This is the biggest disadvantage and cannot be ignored. Now it is your choice entirely. Choose intelligently!