How do I Convert Zimbra to Outlook – Get a Simplest Way

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Do you ever need to access Zimbra emails data into Outlook email client? – if the answer is yes, then, what step you had taken to convert Zimbra to Outlook PST file. You get any reliable way or solution to export Zimbra mail to PST?

There are many users available who using Zimbra desktop-based email application, but sometimes, due to a business requirement or any other requirement, they need to migrate Zimbra to Outlook or need to import Zimbra mail to Outlook.

So, in this blog, we will provide a solution for those users who wants to convert Zimbra to PST. Remember, you have to export Zimbra email to PST when you want to perform Zimbra to Outlook migration or want to access Zimbra emails into Outlook. Because Outlook email application is only compatible with PST file format.

Zimbra to Outlook migration procedure divided into two parts –

Step 1 – Export emails from Zimbra (if you already have saved Zimbra emails in tgz then you do not need to export emails from Zimbra).

Step 2 – Convert Zimbra TGZ data to PST (After that we can import Zimbra emails to Outlook email client).

Let’s start the procedure…

Step 1 – How to Export Emails From Zimbra Email Client as TGZ

Before proceeding to export Zimbra messages to PST, we have to extract emails from Zimbra desktop email client. Zimbra provides an option in which we can easily import and export data, so we are going to use the import/ export option of Zimbra. Follow the given steps to export emails from the Zimbra email client.

  1. Open Zimbra email application to your machine.
  2. Select Import/ Export option from local Folders.
  3. Now click on All Folders & select folders which you want to export then click on Export button.
  4. It will save all emails data in .tgz format. Click on Save File >> Ok.
  5. Now, you can see archive (.tgz file) save on your local machine.

You have to extract the archive to get emails in EML file extension.

Step 2 – How to Convert Zimbra Mail to Outlook PST file?

There are two ways to convert Zimbra to PST file, first – Free or Manual way, second – Automated converter tool. We do not prefer a manual solution to perform this Zimbra to Outlook PST conversion. Because there are many disadvantages of a manual method such as you can get broken attachments, the manual method increases the possibilities of SMTP header corruption of emails, & it is a time-consuming process.

The manual method always has some drawbacks, you can not get the exact output what you want. So, we would like to suggest you automated converter tool to quickly & easily export Zimbra emails to PST file format. You need a reliable software in which you can perform conversion of multiple Zimbra emails into Outlook importable PST file with any data loss or data corruption. One such software is EML to PST converter, this tool is enough capable to convert unlimited Zimbra emails to PST file. It works like a Zimbra to Outlook converter & helps you to import Zimbra mail to Outlook.

To Export Zimbra to Outlook PST file, you have to follow the given steps –

First, you have to download the software here –


First, you have to download the software here –

    1. After downloading the software, you have to Install into your machine then start the tool.

    1. Import Zimbra emails into software panel. For this tool provides two options – select file/ folder, drag & drop. Select any one and import emails into software & click on the Convert button.

    1. Now you have three options – Destination path to select destination location where you want to save the output file, options to save all files into a single PST file, split option to divide large output PST file into multiple parts. After selecting the options click Ok to start the process.

    1. Software will take a few minutes to convert entire Zimbra emails to PST file.

After successfully export data from Zimbra emails to PST file, you need to import PST into Outlook email application to view & access Zimbra data into Outlook. To import PST into Outlook you have to use Import/ Export wizard of Outlook.

This procedure is quite simple & easy to convert Zimbra mail to PST & import PST into Outlook. By following above given procedure you can easily perform Zimbra to Outlook migration.


Zimbra to Outlook migration is not a difficult task if you know the right solution. So, in this article, we have explained simplified way to convert Zimbra emails to PST. It will definitely help those users who are searching for the solution for how to export Zimbra to PST.