[Solved] Your Outlook Data File Cannot Be Configured Outlook Error

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Microsoft Outlook despite being a reliable and secure email client application, it vulnerable to many errors. One of the frequently occurring problem for Outlook user is “your Outlook data file cannot be configured Outlook” error appears on the screen. When you configure an account using MS Exchange, the Outlook will create an OST file in the default location.

Sometimes while using MS Exchange server OST file, many users came across with this error message.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the different techniques to solve the error “Outlook data file cannot be configured Outlook”

Before understanding the solutions to fix the error, you must know about the error and its root cause in detailed manner.

Let’s cast an eye over this error!

Why Does the Outlook Data File Cannot Be Configured Error Occur?

Generally, the error appears with those users whose roaming profiles connected with MS Exchange Server. As the roaming profiles are saved on the shared network wherein, users can easily access their Outlook profile from any device which is connected to that shared network. Thus, whilst executing this action several times users get this error messages that “your Outlook data file cannot be configured with Outlook” application.

Reason Behind the Outlook Data File Cannot be Configured in Outlook

Missing OST data file: The primary reasons of this error is the missing offline files from the MS Outlook.

Corrupt OST & PST file: When your OST and PST files gets damaged due to various factors like virus attack, synchronization error, power failure, etc.

System Crash: When the system gets crashed while importing data file in Outlook, then the process will get dismissed & Outlook may not configure the profile which you are looking for.

How to Solve “your Outlook data file cannot be configured Outlook” Issue?

Here we have mentioned the manual techniques as well as automated solution to troubleshoot the your Outlook data file cannot be configured Outlook OST.

Let’s explore one by one.

1: Manual Tips to Get Rid From Outlook data file cannot be configured Outlook

There are few different tricks that users can try in resolving the issue.

Method 1# Recheck the Outlook data files path

  1. When the ost files are missing from the outlook database, in that case, the path of OST-File is changed. You can recheck the path of data-files and reset it to the original path on that system.
  2. If the OST file gets deleted from the system, the method that you can try is to delete the Outlook application and re-install MS Outlook. And then download the OST file using the Exchange server.

Method #2 Delete OST file and re-create OST by using the Exchange serve

Sometimes problem is with OST file that is present on the user-system. In that situation, you can resolve this issue by deleting the OST file and re-create OST by downloading a copy of that file using the Exchange server.

  1. Close the Outlook and open the Control Panel.
  2. Search the “Mail” option and double click it to open.
  3. Select e-mail accounts when dialogue box for mail setup appears.
  4. Select “Data Files” option and click on the “Exchange account.
  5. From the mini toolbar, click on the “Open File Location
  6. Right-click on your OST file, and click on the delete button to remove that offline files.

Method 3# Repair Outlook Data File (.ost & .pst)

Outlook 2007 and its earlier versions have in-built repair utility tool known as scanost.exe. In older versions scanpst.exe utility tool is available. This Inbox Repair tool will only repair the minor corruption issues of the Outlook data files.

  1. Locate the Inbox Repair Tool, run the scanpst.exe utility.
  2. Click on the browse button to insert the corrupt data files.
  3. Next, click on the Start button to scan the file.
  4. If the tool found any errors, click on the Repair button.

However, scanpst.exe can not check any synchronization errors. So, if the utility tool fails to repair your OST & PST file, then you can use the try the automated solution for the same.

2: Instant Solution to Fix “Outlook data file cannot be configured Outlook” using Automated Tool

Scenario 1# In case of OST file corruption

If your OST files are completely damaged or harshly broken then the only option left is to use the automated application. The OST recovery is one of the best tool that deal with the Outlook OST file corruption issues.

In addition, tool has a quick and advanced scanning mode that help users to recover permanently deleted data.

Scenario 2# Corrupt Outlook PST File

Most of the times, it is noticed that the Outlook data file cannot be configured error is caused due to corrupt PST file. And you have already tried the scanpst.exe tool, but failed to resolve the issue.

Then its better to try this automated tool .i.e PST recovery. This proficient tool is well developed and used by many IT experts. They found this tool is the best utility to profoundly repair and recover deleted data from corrupt file. The tool allow users to restore the recovered data in PST, PDF, EML, MSG, HTML files.

The Bottom Line

The above article is the complete tutorial on how to deal with “your Outlook data file cannot be configured Outlook” error. First we have mentioned the about what the error means along with some possible reasons for the occurrence of the issue. Afterward, we have provided both the manual and automated solution to fix the Outlook data file cannot be configured Outlook error.