How to Import Emails from Zimbra to Office 365 – Step by Step Migration Guide

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Zimbra Collaboration Suite or ZCS is a collaborative suite which provides an email server, and web client. This software consists of client, server components and desktop client.

Sometimes, users want to switch from Zimbra desktop-based client to cloud-based email services. When the user decided to migrate into cloud-based email service the first choice of the user is Office 365.

Because Office 365 suite provides multiple services & user data security. So, If you are one of the who searching for How to migrate emails from Zimbra to Office 365? then this blog will help you will get a solution for that.

To perform Zimbra to Office 365 migration, you have to follow given entire procedure which describes in below section. In this procedure, first we have to export Emails from the Zimbra email client, then we will migrate exported Zimbra emails to Office 365 user account.

Now, follow the given steps to export emails from the Zimbra email client.

How to Export Emails from Zimbra Email Client to import into Office 365?

First steps, we have to do export emails from Zimbra, to perform this task we will take the help of Zimbra email client.

Good thing is, Zimbra provides Import/ Export option for a user with this option we can import data & export the data from Zimbra. So, follow the steps to export emails from Zimbra.

  • Open Zimbra email client on your machine.

  • Select Import/ Export option from local folders.

  • Now, Click on All Folders button (next to Source) & select the folders which you want to export.

  • Click on the Export button.

  • After that, select Save File and click on OK button.

  • Now, go to the location where you save file (file in tgz format), & extract the file.

  • Now, open the folder. After that, you will get all your emails in .eml files.

After performing the task, you will get all Zimbra emails in local machine which is saved into EML file extension.

Now, to access these Zimbra emails into Office 365 you need to migrate into Office 365. Follow the next step to perform this task.

How to Migrate Zimbra Mails to Office 365?

Now, all Zimbra emails are stored into local machine, now we need to import these Zimbra emails into Office 365 account. Directly we cannot perform Zimbra to Office 365 migration.

we need to take the help of EML to Office 365 Migration Tool. This tool is the only solution to migrate Zimbra emails to Office 365.

The software allows you to import Zimbra emails to Office 365 in batch mode. It will export entire emails of Zimbra & their attachments into Office 365 without affecting data integrity of files.

To perform this migration task you have to download the software.

Now, follow the given steps to Migrate Zimbra to Office 365 –

  • Strat the software.
  • Select Zimbra emails files which you want to import into Office 365 account. Click on Convert button.

  • Now, enter user name & password of Office 365 account.

  • Software start Zimbra to Office 365 migration process.

It will a few minutes to export entire Zimbra emails to Office 365.

  • After that software successfully completed the migration process.

Now, login into Office 365 account to access Zimbra email client emails into Office 365.


It will definitely helpful for the users who search for how to migrate emails from Zimbra to Office 365. There is no direct solution to perform Zimbra to Office 365 migration, but with the help of this guide, you can import Zimbra emails to Office 365 account easily. In this article, we have explained the whole procedure in step by step.