How to Migrate Gmail to Outlook? – Get Solutions

admin | July 25th, 2017 | Email-Tips

In today’s time, users are curious to learn about importing emails data form Gmail to Outlook because Microsoft Outlook Provides a benefit to users that users can access Outlook with any of the email accounts, including Gmail, etc. This blog will provide a step-by-step guide to perform Gmail emails to Outlook migration.

User-Query Regarding Gmail to Outlook Migration

I had set up my Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and it worked fine. But When I started it yesterday it was no longer connected. I did all the settings again and after a few tries, it worked. Today I faced the same issue again but it is not working at all. I have also tried setting up the account in Outlook using both IMAP and POP3 but neither of them is connecting. Please, someone, suggest me any idea to import Gmail account data to Outlook.

Techniques to Migrate Gmail to Outlook

Method 1: Configure Gmail into Outlook Email Application

The manual techniques available to transfer or import Gmail mailbox to Outlook is discussed below, in this method you need to add Gmail account in Outlook:

  • Firstly login to your Gmail account
  • Click gear icon → Settings
  • Click on forwarding and then POP/IMAP to open the POP/IMAP settings
  • Click on Enable IMAP
  • Click on Save changes

After the configuration of Gmail for IMAP is done, then you can start setup process of your Gmail account to Outlook. Here are the steps for MS Outlook:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Select File → Account Settings
  3. In account Settings box, click on New
  4. Select Email Account and click Next
  5. Now Select Manual setup or additional server type and click Next
  6. Select POP/IMAP and click Next
  7. In the add account page, enter the information asked
  8. Now, click on More settings
  9. Click on the Outgoing Server tab
  10. Choose My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication
  11. Select Use same settings as the incoming mail server
  12. Click on the Advanced tab
  13. Now, again enter the information asked (Enter Incoming server, Outgoing server according to Outlook edition)
  14. Click and the more Settings tab will be closed
  15. Click Next to continue the process
  16. Wait till the Outlook tests the connection
  17. Click Close if the test is successfully completed else cross-check all your entries
  18. Click Finish

Above solution is an easy way to access entire mailbox of Gmail into Outlook email application. Now, we will explain one more way to access Gmail email data into Outlook, in this method we will take help of Google takeout.

Method 2: Google Takeout to Export Gmail Data

  1. Log in to Google Takeout with the help of your Gmail account
  2. In navigation bar, choose Download your data
  3. Click Create an Archive Option
  4. A new tab will be opened where services can be chosen whose data is to be migrated. Enable the check-boxes for selection of services. Google Takeout creates Zip file which can be downloaded easily
  5. If any user clicks on Change link, two more options will appear on the screen along with down loadable Zip file which are .tgz and .tbz
  6. In the end, when users click on create archive option, they will be automatically logged out from the account. Then, again log into the account and a zip file with all your data will get downloaded.

Now, you have entire Gmail mailbox data into the local system, but to access the mailbox data of Gmail into Outlook email client you need to use DataHelp MBOX to PST converter tool.

Download the Tool to easily perform Gmail to Outlook migration –

After downloading the tool, you have to export Gmail data (which is saved in local) in Outlook importable format with the help of this tool. Then import the file (PST file) into Outlook email application.

This software will simplify the whole Gmail to Outlook migration process and it will provide an appropriate result.


When it comes to import Gmail to Outlook, then users can do this by using the methods. In this techniques, you have to follow each and every step very carefully. Given solution will definitely help you to easily migrate Gmail emails to Outlook.