Solution for Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 17997

admin | August 2nd, 2017 | Mac outlook

Inevitably, Microsoft Outlook has now become a platform, which is used by several industries. Its ability to work offline makes it famous and more demanding. However, it does not mean that this is free from all errors. This is clearly indicated by users who are looking for the solution of Outlook 2011 Mac error code 17997 (Unexpected Data Was Encountered Error). This is the reason that we have come up with this blog. In the upcoming part of the blog, we will discuss about this error completely along with the manual approaches to resolve it.

How this Error Occur?

“Unexpected Data was Encountered Error -17997” This kind of message a user may face while encountering the error 17997. This error can arise at the time of connection of Outlook 2011 to MS Exchange. In this error user can connect to Exchange Server and receive mail, but when sending, the messages stuck in the Outbox with error- 17997.

Strategy to Rectify Outlook Mac Error Code 17997

For fixing this error, users can follow these methods as mentioned in the below part:

Method 1

Implement these instructions as mentioned below:

  • Change or modify the server name to URL to access OWA through your Browser.
  • In Microsoft Outlook 2011 Settings, create a check on the default port & change Port to 442.

Method 2

Another way to fix Outlook Mac unexpected data was encountered error -17997 is by rebuilding Server Virtual Directory on MS Exchange Server. In order to do this, you have to upgrade MS Exchange Management console to SP3 & the build the virtual Directories once again.

Rebuild Virtual Directories

For building virtual directories, you may reset virtual directory on Exchange Server. This is because after you reset virtual directory, the chosen virtual directory will get erased & a new virtual directory will get generated with the default settings. To do this, you can follow these below mentioned steps:

Important Note: There is a requirement to reconfigure the virtual directory once it is reset. This is because a new or fresh virtual directory will contain the default settings.

Reset Client Access Virtual Directory

Steps 1: You need to pursue these steps for resetting Client Access Server Virtual Directories. However, before following these steps you need to be allocated permissions

  • Open Exchange Management Console
  • Now, click on the Server Configuration & then hit on Client Access
  • Choose the name of Server Client Access and right click on it

Step 2: Now, in Reset Access Virtual Directory, hit on Browse, choose the name of Virtual Directory that you wish to reset and click on Next. All the below mentioned directories will be showed by default:

  • Autodiscover
  • ECP
  • EWS
  • OWA
  • Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync
  • OAB

Step 3: After you add the chosen directory to the list, the Virtual directory should be reset. Once it is done, hit on Next

Step 4: Choose Browse option for the specification of path and the file name for log file. Then, click on Next

Step 5: In the Reset Client Access Virtual Directory option, hit on Reset & then on Finish

Step 6: Reset the Internet Information Services (IIS) with the help of this command iisreset/noforce.

You may even reset Client Access virtual directory via shell, but the cmdlets will be different depending upon the virtual directory that needs to be reset.


The above blog we discussed about the Outlook Mac 2011 error code 17997, and provides two methods to solve unexpected data was encountered error – 17997.