Why is My Word Document Header Missing?

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2021-11-17T15:08:35+05:30 | MS Word

Here we will discuss about the solution for the Word document header missing. MS Word is a feature-rich application that gives you a variety of tools and options to help you create the perfect document for your project. It makes the entire document writing process enjoyable, from spelling correction to using the Thesaurus for synonyms to adding valuable extensions.

However, if you are unfamiliar with its aspects, you may become perplexed as to how things function. Many users, for example, may discover that their header is missing. They might not be able to tell the difference between two pages and may not know how to fix missing header in Word.

The Word file header missing problem, on the other hand, has a simple solution. Let’s look at how to reclaim the Word document’s lost header portions.

Manual Solution for Word Document Header Missing

There are two manual solutions that may solve the problem of missing header in the Microsoft Word documents.

A. Remove White Space from Word

When the header vanishes, it is simple for users to eliminate the white space from a Word document.

  • You can go to File>>Options on the Word document that doesn’t have a header.
  • On the left menu of the pop-up Word Options box, select the Display option.
  • In Page Layout View, uncheck the box next to Show White Space Between Pages. Finally, to save your changes, click the OK button. The while space will vanish after that.

B. Fix Word Document Header Missing

You know there is header text in the upper area of the Word document, but you can’t seem to locate it. It might produce by an unintentional click anywhere on the screen or by corruption. The following methods will help you address the problem of a missing header in a Word document:

  • Check to see if your Word document is editable.
  • Place your mouse above the Word documents top.
  • Double-click on the Word document when the mouse pointer changes to two arrows pointing away from each other. Following that, the missing headers will reappear in the Word document.

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Alternative Method to Fix Word Document Header Missing

In most cases, corruption causes the header missing on Word document. So, the best way to fix practically any form of corruption from a Word file is to use the Word Recovery Tool. This utility can also fix numerous Word files at the same time. Apart from that, it includes capabilities such as preview modes, quick scan, and the ability to keep a Word file’s formatting, fonts, and layout intact. Furthermore, this program is compatible with all versions of the Microsoft Office Suite.

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Follow these Steps:

1. As you download and run Word Recovery Software, you will see the following screen.

Home page for Word Document Header Missing

2. For a recovery technique to fix a Word File, look through the Word File(s), Folder, or Search within Drive.

Word File(s), Folder, or Search for fixing word file.

3. In Rich Text Mode, you can see the recovered Word document text with all of its formatting intact, or in Plain Text mode, you may see the text without any formatting.

Rich Text Mode option for Word Document Header Missing

4. Save the file to the location where the user wants to save the restored file.

Save the file to the location

Final Words for Why is Word Not Showing Header

The header missing in Word document is a very common problem. When this happens, individuals begin looking for a solution to the problem. As a result, we’ve covered the solution for how to get the header back in Word in this article. However, most of the time, the header stops showing up due to a faulty Word file. As a result, we’ve also given an alternative option for quickly resolving this issue.