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The Ultimate Guide to Add Custom Page Numbers in PDF Files

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Anuraag Singh
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Published On September 4th, 2023
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You have a PDF file with a lot of pages and need to organize it in sorted order for easy data accessibility. Well, you may need to add custom page number in PDF files. With the help of this post, you will be able to understand why page numbering is needed for large PDF files and how you can achieve that page numbering in PDF files.

Why Would One Want to Insert Sequential Number in PDF Files?

The reason is clear adding the page numbers enables the proper arrangement of the files. It helps to easily find the required page as each page is numbered. It also doesn’t leave any point of confusion when you put page numbers on Adobe PDF pages. In case the page numbering is not done, and misplacement of pages occurs then it may take a lot of time to rearrange pages in their original sorted order.

Page number also acts as a bookmark which helps users to continue their reading from the page number they left last time. Here adding numbers to a PDF page brings an advantage for people to access and read them in correct order.

Add Custom Page Number in PDF Files – Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Here are the steps to use and put the page numbers on the pages of the PDF files:

  1. Add the file you want to edit to Adobe Acrobat after starting it.
  2. Access “Tools” from the top and select “Edit PDF” in the available list.
  3. Open the new screen, locate the “Header and Footer” tab and select “Add” to create one.
  4. As you find a new window, use the “Insert Page Number” option, and write down any details of the content in the header and footer section, if required.
  5. Proceed to execute the settings with the “OK” button.

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Using Free Online Solutions to Insert Sequential Number in PDF Documents

The online solution is what all users look for to easily add custom page number in PDF files. Well, you can explore several online tools which are free of cost. In case you are in a hurry, then this might help you as it consumes significantly less time (Takes time for long PDF files). But one thing is that they are not as efficient as the offline application.

Let’s examine the methods to see how you can include page numbers in your PDF file:

  • Launch the online tool in your browser, then import the file you need to modify. Additionally, you may immediately import files from cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the page number you are adding to the PDF file. The revised file should then be exported and imported again.

No doubt that it helps to add custom page number in PDF. However, the chances of data leakage is always present there. Plus, these online solutions are not considered as the stable ones. There is always a question raised on their stability, as it gets collapse in stability or functioning when dealing with large PDF files. The size limitation is also present in each free tool. Apart from that when compared with offline tools, it doesn’t offer many features.

Add Custom Page Number in PDF Which Have Restrictions Using the Tool

Let’s talk about a rare situation where a person needs to add Bates numbers to PDF files that are secured or protected. In that case, the professional PDF Bates numberer software can help to get the secured PDF file pages numbered. It is designed to insert numbers into multiple PDF file pages at once. It can be used to add page numbers to protected PDF files (Document-open password is needed).

While using this tool for Bates numbering, the installation of Adobe Acrobat is not required. It comes with several formatting options to choose from while numbering the pages of the PDF file. Users can also insert confidential text and apply the page settings.

How to Add Custom Page Number in PDF Files Using the Software?

  1. To start, download the software on your computer to put the numbers into PDF file pages.add custom page number in PDF
  2. Use the Add File(s)/Folder(s) feature to begin inserting the PDF files.adding pdf files
  3. Use the Change button to select the option to save the file by checking the box next to the Bates number.select the folder path to save files
  4. Next, enter the information requested in the Details area and choose the font size.enter the details asked
  5. Apply the advanced Bates numbering and layout options in the options area. Preview the modifications and click the Generate button.

add custom page number in PDF

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Adding sequential numbers to the PDF pages is a crucial thing to do as it keeps your pages in order which later makes it easier to read the data in a sorted order. Such users who are not aware of how to add custom page number in PDF files can explore several ways that we have explained in this article as these are useful solutions that help to even put page numbers to secured PDF files.