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Add Bates Numbers to PDF Files to Enhance PDF File Organization

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Anuraag Singh
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Published On September 8th, 2023
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On a regular basis legal institutions, hospitals and organizations consider storing their crucial data in PDF format. However, it is necessary to manage them in an efficient way keeping them in an organized manner for easy access and no data loss. One of the best things is to add Bates numbers to PDF files.

And those who are unaware of performing this job, with this post, will be able to insert page numbers into PDF documents easily. Using one of the methods discussed, one can simply add numbers to the head or bottom of the pages in PDF files.

How Does Page Numbering In PDF Help Users?

Adding page numbers to PDF files is one of the essential tasks as it creates a way for the reader to jump to the specific page by going through each page. It also helps in marking the page where you left off and from where you need to continue. Moreover, it also helps in avoiding the misplacement of files or pages.

Add Bates Numbering in PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat has now become the best option in the market for editing and managing PDF files offline. Here is the proper guide to add Bates numbers to PDF files.

  1. Open the PDF document and go to the Tools tab and click Edit PDF.
  2. In the Edit PDF toolbar, select the Header & Footer option.
  3. Now, choose to Add from the Header & Footer menu.
  4. Take the cursor to the location user needs to insert the page number.
  5. Choose the Page Number and Date Format link and hit the OK button.
  6. Then press the Insert Page Number button, In the Preview section a preview of a page with the number will appear.
  7. Now, hit the OK button and the Bates number will be added to all the pages.

For more than 1 file, the user will need to follow all the 7 same steps again.

Note – Another thing that user should aware of that the Adobe Acrobat base version doesn’t allow to insert page numbers into PDF files. The pro version (Subscription based) will be required to use.

Use Adobe Online Free Tool to Add Bates Numbers to PDF Files

For adding Bates numbers to small number of files, users can try out the online free tool by Adobe offered by Adobe. Which is useful for add custom page numbers in PDF files instantly. We generally recommend this when the user has a significant amount of files.

  1. Open the Adobe Online Editor, drag and drop or select a file
  2. Choose the add text control. A large T is the symbol at the page top.
  3. Select the page where the user wants to see the page number and enter the number.
  4. To adjust the font of page number select Page Number> Font Size Control. The size ranges from 6 px to 24 px, select the needed one.

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Short & Simple Solution to Add Bates Numbers to PDF Documents

Inserting Bates numbers should be one of those office activities that are easy and simple to complete when working with a lot of documents. One of the few software like PDF Bates Numberer Tool offers a basic and easy-to-use feature for Bates numbering, allowing you to work with documents more effectively and productively.

It can easily load multiple files and insert bastes numbers and Dates in them with just a few clicks. The utility comes with several customizable options (Positioning, transparency) letting the users place numbers according to them. Also, it can insert page numbers into restricted PDF files easily. Along with that, the tool does not make any changes to the original format and keeps the properties intact.

Guided Process to Add Bates Numbers to PDF Documents

  1. Firstly, download the utility on the system for adding numbers on PDF file pages.add bates numbers to PDF
  2. Use the Add File(s)/Folder(s) and start adding the PDF files which require page numbering.
  3. Mark the option for saving or printing the file with Bates number & choose to save the file by using the Change button.
  4. Next, in the Details section, type the details asked and select font settings.
  5. Coming to the Settings section, apply the advanced Bates numbering and Bates layout settings. Preview the changes and hit the Generate button to add Bates numbers to PDF files.add bates numbers to PDF

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PDF file format is frequently used for file management. Dealing with tons of files causes difficulties in managing them, takes time to determine the required information and sometimes it also works as a bookmark. However, some users fail to add Bates numbers to PDF due to several reasons. Hence through this blog, we have covered all those things. Explained some useful methods to get the PDF files with page numbers.


Q1.  How do I add page numbers to Adobe PDF?

To insert numbers in PDF files, you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro, a Free online tool or an automated tool.

Q2. Can I use this software to add Bates numbers to multiple PDF files in one go?

Yes, the above-mentioned tool is capable of adding the Bates numbers to multiple PDF files at the same time.

Q3. Does the tool make any changes in the properties when using it for page numbering?

No, the tool does not make any changes when using the tool for page numbering.