Know OST File Corruption Issues & Solutions

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Microsoft Outlook is the most the most extensively used email client in many enterprise. But, even after being an eminent emailing service, it is vulnerable to many threats. The most common issue is the Outlook data file OST corruption. So, in this guide, we will discuss about the OST file corruption issues along with their solutions.

Do you know Outlook uses an offline folder for storing the data file? It also allow users to work offline, even if the Outlook program gets disconnected from MS Exchange Server. The OST file is a synchronized copy of Outlook mailbox items of the account saved on your machine. These cached copy is stored at this default location: drive:\Users\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.

There are several external or internal factors that can affect the functionality of Outlook, resulting in OST file corruption. Read on to explore them!

Reason Behind OST File Corruption

The OST file may get corrupt or damaged due to the bad sector in the hardware and software related issues that are discussed in this section.

1: Hardware-Related Issues

It includes malfunctioning, failure, or inappropriate configuration of any internal or external component of the computer such as hard drive, power unit, network connectors, modem, etc.

Defect in Storage Device: The slow or unusual performance of storage devices can be due to failure of any component or disk errors it may result in OST file corruption.

Interruption due to Network Connectors: When the OST file fails to synchronize with the Exchange server or experiences frequent interruptions, then it may corrupt the OST file.

Bad Sectors on Hard Drive: When there is the bad sector present in the hard drive, then all information stored in that sector is lost. This will result in the permanent loss of Outlook OST mailbox data.

Sudden Power Failure: Sometimes when there is unexpected power failure or system crashes occur, then it will lead to OST file corruption.

2: Software Reasons

Software-related issue occur due to logical impurities such as incompatible add-ins, virus infections, bugs transmission, downloading applications from unreliable resources, application failure, etc. Some of them are mentioned below:

Large Sized OST File: Outlook data file has a definite size limit depending upon their version. And when the OST file size exceeded its stipulated limit, it turns the OST file corrupt or inaccessible. Read More..

Improper Termination of MS Outlook: If you force to close an Outlook process while it is in operation then all the associated files may get damaged or turn corrupt. In many cases, Outlook application itself may freeze or shut down abruptly, leading to OST corruption.

Adverse Outlook Add-in: Sometimes, there is incompatible Add-in that create problem with the Outlook. They may harm the Outlook data files and result in OST data corruption.

Virus or Malware Attack: The most common reasons behind the OST file corruption is due to virus or malware. Malicious software can easily infect the database of the Outlook including both the OST and PST files.

After knowing all the reasons of OST file corruption issues, let’s dive into its resolution.

Methods to Fix OST Corruption Problems

Method 1: Update Folder

In order to repair inaccessible file issues, this method allow to change the properties of the folder to clear offline items. Follow the below instructions in MS Outlook 2010:

  1. Right-click on the folder >> click on Properties.
  2. Click ‘Clear Offline Items’ option under the dialog box. hit Ok.
  3. On Outlook 2010 ribbon, select Send/Receive option.
  4. Click Update Folder to save the changes.

Method 2: Use Inbox Repair Tool

To scan or repair the corrupt Outlook data file, Microsoft provided one such integrity checker tool known as scanost.exe. This tool allows the users to find and diagnose the discrepancies of mailbox items of OST files present on Exchange Server and MS Outlook. Follow the below steps to fix the minor corruption issues, present in the OST files.

  1. First, exit the Outlook and go to your system’s directory where Microsoft Outlook has been available. Then run the Scanpst.exe tool.
  2. Browse the OST file, which you want to repair.
  3. Click on the Start button to initiate the scanning process.

If any errors found click on the Repair button.

Method 3: Recreate Outlook OST File

As Microsoft Exchange Server uses offline data file (OST), which is a copy of information stored on email server. And if you encounter some issues with the offline files, then you can delete the existing one, and re-create or download that again from the server. Read More..

Method 4: Compact the OST file

The OST file items are stored in such a way that they may occupy some additional & unusable space for other purposes. You can reduce the file size of the OST file and avoid the OST file size corruption issue caused due to large-sized OST file. Read More..

Method 5: Run MS Outlook in Safe Mode

The primary purpose to start Outlook in safe mode is to disable any add-ins that may throw errors during the booting process.

Outlook in safe mode with the help of implementing certain steps:

  1. Go to shortcut icon for MS Outlook.
  2. Now, press & hold the CTRL-key. Double-click the application shortcut.
  3. Hit on ‘Yes’ to run the Outlook in Safe Mode.

Solution 6: Disable Anti-virus & Firewall settings

You can uninstall the antivirus software and firewall settings from your device. These programs are designed to scan and detect problems for every incoming and outgoing email. Sometimes antivirus blocked the normal functioning of the Outlook, so you may try to disable the settings and restart Outlook to see the changes.

Solution 7: Automated Tool to Repair Severely Corrupted File

The OST File Repair Tool helps users to fix all problems related to the Outlook file corruption issues in a few simple clicks. It provides a quick and advanced scanning mode to recover the permanently deleted mailbox data. The tool is specially designed with brilliant algorithms to repair the password-protected emails and attachments from the Outlook.

The graphical interface of the software is so easy to use, even the novice user can avail the functionality of the tool without taking any external help. Moreover, the tool is compatible with all the versions of the Outlook 2019, 2016, 2010 and below version.

The Final Words

In this guide, we have discussed all the internal and external factors that can result in the OST file corruption issues. There are many hardware and software related problem that makes the OST file inaccessible or corrupt.

So, in order to prevent frequent OST file corruption problems, we have mentioned some manual techniques that can help the users. But if their OST file is severely corrupted and the issue is not resolved by the manual approaches. Then, in that case, the user may use the automated tool that is mentioned above.