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How to Convert CSV Contacts to vCard Format?

Overview: Are you tired of the failed CSV file to vCard conversion methods? Want a useful and reliable way to convert CSV contacts to vCard format. Don’t worry, here you will find the perfect solution to perform your desired task in an easy way.

Some Typical User Queries

“I’m having a Excel CSV file in my PC with around 1000+ contacts. Now, I want to import .csv contacts to my Android phone. But, the problem I’m facing is my smartphone is not giving me any option to import .csv file and asking to import .vcf. What’s wrong? How can I convert CSV to VCF? Is there any solution to convert CSV contacts file to VCF? Thanks, any help would be appreciated.”

“Yesterday, I have purchased a new Android smartphone v7.1 and exported all my contacts from old PC in .csv file format. I want to access these .csv file contacts from my smartphone. Can anybody tell me how to export Excel CSV  contacts file to vCard or how to convert contact file from .csv to .vcf so that I can access contacts from my phone?”

Well, if you’re one among such users and searching the answer for how to import contacts from CSV to VCF query then, this technical guide is just meant to you. Here we’re going to disclose the simplest and most powerful way to convert CSV file into vCard format. Let’s begin!

Alternate Solution to Convert CSV Contacts to vCard Format

Expert Suggested Solution is one of the most trusted program that allows to convert Excel contacts file to vCard format with all details. The software loads the CSV contacts and displays a preview of the entire contacts before performing the conversion.

This software is designed with advanced features which help you to export all details including name, address, number and other details from CSV data file to vCard file format. There is an option to export CSV data to the latest vCard versions (v4.0, v3.0 and v2.1), and besides, the program allows users to map CSV properties with vCard properties.

Few Easy Steps Convert CSV Contacts to vCard in Bulk

  • First of Download the Excel to vCard Converter software
  • After that, launch the software on your PC and then click on the Browse button

Browse Excel file

  • Now, navigate to the location of your contacts CSV file and select it. Click Open

Open Excel file

  • The software will load entire data of CSV file and display it in the screen. Click Next >> Next

Preview all Excel CSV data

  • Now, you need to match Excel CSV fields with vCard fields. In order to do so, choose a CSV field from Excel Fields section

map the fields

  • Once all the fields gets mapped, hit the Next button

Click on next

  • Click on Change and browse a destination location to save resultant VCF file

click on convert button

  • Hit the Convert button to convert multiple Excel to vCard format

completed Excel to vCard conversion process

  • Tool will display live status of conversion process with total number of empty email addresses and number of contacts added

complete the process

  • Once all the CSV contacts get converted into VCF file format, navigate to the destination location and access the VCF files.

converted all files

Final Words

This article talks about how to convert CSV contacts to vCard format. The solution given here to convert CSV file to VCF file is a wise choice as executing manual solutions might result in permanent data loss. However, it would help if you go with the automatic solution because they will instantly convert multiple CSV contacts to VCF file format.