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How to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard File Format on Mac Desktop?

We have been working on Excel since childhood, however, we even use it to store the contact list of the users. So, to manage them in a systematic form we all prefer Excel sheets. However, the need maybe arises to use the contacts in the phone, Outlook application, or other applications. So for that, it becomes necessary to convert Excel contacts to vCard format. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the best Excel Contacts to VCF converter for Mac.

So, to understand this whole task in a better way or in detail, read this article till the end.

If you are the one who is using other application other than Excel and want to access Excel contacts in that one. Then, you cannot perform this task directly because there is no such application that supports Excel files. Therefore, there comes a need to convert excel contacts to vCard file format. Later on, the file will be ready to import into the desired application for accessing all contacts.

User Query: Hi, I was storing all the client’s contact information in my Excel account. Now, I have multiple Excel files of different groups and each file has multiple contacts. I need to use them on my iPhone to contact those clients. But I don’t know if is it possible or not. Can anyone tell me how do I convert excel contacts to vCard format? If there is a manual way it would be nice but as I have plenty of contacts so I will be glad if anyone refers me with Excel contacts to VCF converter for Mac.

Convert Excel (XLS/XLSX) File Format on Mac

To initiate the convert Excel contacts to vCard file format you need to export the XLS/XLSX file first on your Mac machine-

  1. For this, first of all, open the Microsoft Excel account
  2. Here, choose the file in which you have stored the contacts list
  3. Now, navigate to the File option, here choose Save As option
  4. Select the location to save the required file
  5. Now, just tap on the save type as CSV (Comma delimited) and click the Save button to get the file on your Mac desktop.

Best Excel Contacts to VCF Converter Software for Mac

When it comes to secure and a quick way to perform the Excel contacts to vCard conversion then only a professional program comes helpful. As this is the program that helps the entire Address book contacts conversion easy. So, for this, the Excel Converter for Mac Software is the best solution to go for.

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As this is one of the professional solutions that could convert bulk contacts from Excel files. The great fact is that it is supportable with all the Excel file formats. So, whatever type of excel file you are having you can just use this tool to convert the contacts. Moreover, it can easily work on all Mac machines to perform the conversion. It can even help you to import contacts from Excel to Telegram.

If you are wondering about the bulk contacts conversion then no need to worry about it. As this advanced Excel to vCard converter for Mac software can export bulk contacts. Hence, it is quite to easy to export contacts from Excel to WhatsApp if you needed. If in case, you want to import phone numbers from Excel to Gmail account, you can take help of this standalone software.

Guide to Convert Excel Contacts to vCard File Format on Mac

To begin this process, you need to download and install the Excel contacts to VCF converter software on your Mac machine. Then, just follow the guidelines for a massive conversion-

  • From the initial screen, tap on the Add File or Browse option to add any number of Excel file

choose excel file

  • Then, choose the vCard format from the given export options for bulk

choose vcard

  • Now, here, you can either select the vCard version or choose single vCard per file options from the software panel, map all

excel contacts to vcard

  • Afterwards, select the destination location from the Mac machine by tapping the Change button
  • At last, hit the Export button to convert Excel to VCF file format on a Mac machine.

excel contacts to vcard


This is one of the best articles to learn how to convert Excel contacts to vCard file format on Mac machine. Here, we have discussed the best software for bulk Excel contacts conversion. Using the Excel contacts to vCard converter Mac software you can quickly get all the contacts list. Later on, whenever you needed, you can just import the resultant file without losing any contact information.