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Use Quick Solutions to Convert Gmail Emails to PDF With Attachment

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Anuraag Singh
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Published On November 29th, 2023
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Here, in this article, we will demonstrate some of the methods using which users can convert Gmail emails to PDF with attachments. Depending upon your requirement you can choose the methods that solve your requirement.

There are many reasons why users prefer to save their emails in PDF format. As PDF is the most reliable and safe format for sharing or submitting emails or documents, the need to convert Gmail email in PDF file is quite common too.

The following are the benefits of converting Gmail emails to PDF:

  • A PDF file can be opened via Adobe Reader or a browser
  • It’s quite difficult to alter the PDF file content without leaving a trace
  • A .pdf file is admissible in court as a legal document.
  • The best way of sharing emails & attachments with other
  • PDF file data cannot be affected by the virus
  • A PDF file is compressed, so a lower file size
  • Data can be easily searched with pdf file
  • PDF files are mobile-compatible

Method to Convert Single Emails to PDF Without Attachment

Google offers a “Save as PDF” option within its Gmail application. This feature can be used to convert Gmail emails to PDF with attachment individually.

Note: The converted email will contain the attachment within the PDF file, but to open this attachment you need to log in via a Gmail account.

Follow the below steps to convert an email from Gmail to PDF format:

1. First, login into your Gmail account

2. Open the email that you wish to convert into PDF format

3. Click on the Printer icon (print all) to open Print Wizard.

4. Here, select the destination as “Save as PDF” and click on the Save button.

5. Browse the location where you wish to save converted email and hit Save again.

And you are done! These 5 steps are all you need to convert a single Gmail email into PDF format. If you have a bunch of emails that need to be converted in PDF, you can perform the above steps again and again or you can use the below-automated approach to convert multiple Gmail emails within 5 steps.

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Method to Convert Gmail Emails to PDF With Attachment

The manual technique for conversion of Gmail to PDF can only convert a single email at a time at that too without downloading attachments locally.

If you want to convert multiple Gmail emails to PDF file and their attachments downloaded on your system, then it’s best to take the help of automated Gmail Account Backup Software. This automated tool bulk converts Gmail emails to PDF and provides you the option to download attachments within each PDF file or download attachments of each email in a separate folder with the same name as emails. In the following section, we will demonstrate how to convert Gmail emails to PDF with attachment in just a few clicks using this application.

But before that read some of the benefits and features of the tool first:

  • Converts emails in PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, and MSG formats.
  • In PDF mode, the tool saves contacts and calendars in PDF file format.
  • Export your contacts and calendars into VCF and ICS file formats.
  • Naming Convention to save emails with a different name
  • Category option to export the desired category of items.
  • Incremental option to convert only new emails in the next conversion process.
  • Delete After Download option to remove email from server after conversion.
  • Folder and date-range filter option for selective email conversion.

Simple Steps to Convert Gmail Emails to PDF With Attachment:

  • Download & launch the automated tool to save and convert emails from a Google account.login and Convert Gmail Emails to PDF
  • Select the email format as PDF & naming convention.

select the export type

  • Choose the Category of items that you want to export.

select the category

  • Browse the location to save the converted emails.

browse and Convert Gmail Emails to PDF

  • Enable the Filters option and Start the process to convert Gmail emails to PDF with attachment.

Convert Gmail Emails to PDF

That’s it! In just 5 steps you will be able to bulk convert Gmail emails to PST format. Whereas, the manual solution in 5 steps you can only save a single email that too with attachment.

If you want to perform multiple email conversion with that also contains attachments, then choosing the automated tool is the best solution. And, if you want a single or few emails in PDF files (without attachments) then, go with the first manual approach.

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Q1. How do I convert multiple emails with attachments to PDF?

You can use the automated tool which we have explained in this post to export and save multiple emails with attachments to PDF format.

Q2. Does the tool take enough time to convert Gmail emails to PDF With Attachment and take a backup?

The amount of email data and a reliable, fast internet connection are the two main factors that determine how long it will take to export and save.

Q3. How can I save the multiple emails as a PDF?

  • Open Gmail and log in.
  • To save the email message as a PDF, open it now.
  • To save data, click the Print icon and choose Destination.
  • Finally, in order to export Gmail to PDF, choose the layout setting and click save.