How to Migrate cPanel Emails to Office 365 – Simple Migration Technique

admin | March 15th, 2019 | Email-Tips, How to, Office 365

Do you want to migrate emails from cPanel to Office 365, But no idea how to import cPanel email to Office 365? – so you are visiting in the right place. Here you will get the solution to perform cPanel email migration to Office 365.

No-doubt! Microsoft Office 365 suite is the most popular cloud-based service. It provides Office application and other productivity services like Exchange Online, Outlook, Sharepoint, Lync, OneDrive, etc. Nowadays, every user wants to move in Office 365, so here we consider exclusively those users who want to move their cPanel emails to Office 365.

We have a user query, in which user are unable to move email from cPanel to Office 365 account by using the IMAP migration method. Take a look!

“I need help in migrating emails from cPanel to Office 365 account. Actually, when I started to import data, an error received: The username or password for this account is incorrect, or IMAP access is disabled. During AuthenticateCommand IMAP server indicating an error authentication failed.”

The user gets this authentication failing error while he performs cPanel email to Office 365 migration. In such a situation how a user can import ePanel email into Office 365. So in this blog, we will focus on a simple & easy solution where users do not receive any authentication error during migration. There are two way to migrate cPanel email to Office 365,
1 – IMAP migration
2 – Download cPanel emails then migrate into Office 365

IMAP migration is a complicated procedure, so here we will explain second method for the same. Let’s get started!

How to Download Emails from cPanel to Migrate into Office 365?

Two default Internet Messaging Program or IMP email client installed on a server that is known as Horde & Roundcube. Both are free webmail application. With these webmail applications, you can access emails & other data. So, we are using email downloading facilities of these webmail applications.

Follow the given steps to download emails from the cPanel webmail application.

Download cPanel Emails using Horde Webmail

  1. Login into Horde webmail through cPanel.
  2. Now, select the email & double on it to download as EML extension.
  3. Click on the download icon to save email in the desktop.
  4. Now emails are downloaded in your system as EML extension.

Download Emails using Roundcube

  1. Login in Roundcube, select emails.
  2. Then click on More and Download (.eml).
  3. Now Roundcube emails are stored into your local machine as a .eml extension.

Now, we are going to explain how to migrate saved cPanel emails to Office 365? – to successfully perform this task follow the next steps.

How to Import (saved .eml file) cPanel emails to Office 365?

After saving cPanel emails into EML file, we have to migrate into Office 365 user account to complete the migration process. After performing this task you can access cPanel emails into Office 365.

First, you have to understand there is no direct manual solution available to perform this task. But, it can be possible with an automated migration tool.

So, you have to download the tool here:

After downloading the software, you are able to migrate saved EML to Office 365. It will import cPanel emails to Office 365 account with their attachments by maintaining their data integrity intact. Now, follow the given steps to perform cPanel email migration to Office 365 with the tool.

Tool Steps to Move or Migrate Email from cPanel to Office 365

  1. Run the tool on your machine.
  2. Now select cPanel emails (stored into the local machine) file which you want to import into Office 365. Click on Convert button.
  3. Now, enter Office 365 user ID & Password, click on Login. The software also provides a Date Filter option to import select data.
  4. After that, the software starts importing cPanel emails to Office 365 account.

After the migration process, login into Office 365 accounts to access data.


In this write-up, we have provided a solution for the user who searched for – How can I migrate emails from cPanel to Office 365. IMAP migration method is also available to perform this task, but sometimes users not able to perform the migration with this method. Due to this, we also suggested an easy method to import cPanel email to Office 365. Non-tech or tech both users can easily perform cPanel emails migration to Office 365 with this method.