How to Migrate Emails Data From IncrediMail to Office 365?

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User Query –

“Since past few years, we were using IncrediMail as our official email client in our organization. But, with growing technology and it’s advantages, we are also thinking to adopt some advanced technology i.e., Office 365.

We have subscribed Microsoft Office 365 and now we would like to migrate our IncrediMail emails to Office 365 account. But, the thing is we are very sensitive about our IncrediMail emails and other data and can’t lose it at any cost. So, we want a safe and secure solution to transfer IncrediMail to Office 365. Any recommendations?”

No doubt IncrediMail was an amazing email platform, but from March 20 – 2020 IncrediMail officially announced: “We are going to shutdown IncrediMail”.

Do you think about what happens to you when you will never get any security & other updates from IncrediMail? – Yes, from 20 March 2020 you will not get any updates from IncrediMail.

You will still be able to access some functionalities, but not in a reliable manner, IncrediMail will not provides you any customer service and security updates.

So, what you have to do? – As an expert, we would like to suggest you move on to Other email platforms. You can also move from IncrediMail to Outlook, Thunderbird, and any other emails clients.

Amongst all, switch towards Office 365 is a great option. In this article, we will help you to migrate IncrediMail to Office 365. We will guide you How to perform IncrediMail Emails to Office 365 migration.

You have to follow all the below-given steps to successfully perform this migration. Be ready to start the process.

How to Perform IncrediMail to Office 365 Migration?

Well, this whole procedure is divided into two sections –

1 – We have to Extract emails & attachments data from IncrediMail.

2 – Then we have to Migrate IncrediMail emails to Office 365.

Now, we are going to start the procedure to extract emails from IncrediMail email platform.

How to Extract Emails from IncrediMail?

Before performing IncrediMail to Office 365 migration, we have to extract all emails from IncrediMail. To perform this task follow the given steps:

IncrediMail provides the “Save As” option to extract & save emails into EML file extension. We will utilize this option.

Follow the Given Steps –

Step 1: Open IncrediMail & select email which you want to migrate into Office 365.

Step 2: Then click on File >> Save As option from the Menu bar.

Step 3: Save As screen will open on your window, you have to select destination location & then select “Mail (*.eml)” option save the file. Then click on “Save” button.

Step 4: Now, from destination location, you will view all your emails data.

After getting all IncrediMail emails, we have to migrate IncrediMail emails to Office 365. To do this task follow the given steps.

How to Migrate IncrediMail Local Emails to Office 365?

To perform IncrediMail emails to Office 365 migration is not an easy task for every user, but we are here to simplify this complicated task.

As we know all IncrediMail emails are saved in .eml extension on your local, so you have to use DataHelp EML to Office 365 migration tool. It will import all IncrediMail emails to Office 365 with all data including attachments.

This software is a direct solution to perform this task. It is a feature-rich tool where you will get all the required options to perform IncrediMail to Office 365 migration.

Some Highlighted Features are:

1: It will migrate IncrediMail emails to Office 365 account in batch.

2: Import entire data of emails including the attachments.

3: Maintain all meta properties of IncrediMail after migration.

4: Date-based filter option to migrate selective emails.

5: Also support select emails migration of IncrediMail to Office 365.

6: Pause & Resume option to pause & start the migration process.

Expert Note

“We all know from 20 March 2020 IncrediMail going to shut down, so we have to find out an alternate of IncrediMail. As per our expert suggestions, Office 365 is the best option if you want to move on to the cloud.

So, If you want to migrate emails from IncrediMail to Office 365 this explained method will help you.

The primary purpose of this blog is to simplify complicated IncrediMail to Office 365 migration process. You have to follow all the steps for a successful migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we perform bulk IncrediMail emails to Office 365 migration with this method?

A: Yes, you can perform this migration in bulk with all emails data including attachments by using the method.

Q: Can I import my entire IncrediMail emails into a particular user account?

A: Yes, you have to enter user account credentials (email ID, password) in which you want to import IncrediMail emails.